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A system to start a real online biz!

Originally I created this BLOG to explain how to increase Amazon sales or Adsense earnings without violating any of their rules and policies. Then of course I had to introduce those sources how to achieve the above goal effecively. Then it turned out that quite a lot of my subscribers have asked to explain what else beside Amazon and ADsense might be a good online business. So I started to explain and introduce what I am doing.

Over the years I realized that it is possible to make a living via online marketing, still hard work, but enough to feed a family. Here in the Philippines where i am living, Families here in the Philippines can sustain a healthy living for 1000 USD a month being able to have a better live than the average workers, who come home with 300 - 600 USD per month after a 10 hours, 6 day week of work.

I have quite a few followers in the Philippines as you can imagine. Some of them I meet regular while having a coffee in one of the super malls here in Cebu City and they always ask for some sort of system to begin with.

A system which doesn't cost much, which is based on serious programs and well known owners and allows to grow and expand as the success increases. You have no idea how much coffee I had before I put all this thoughts together. Looking back at all what I have done, what I have joined, what I promote, it came down to basically 5 steps to get started.

One really needs a blog or website to introduce yourself and brand yourself, best case a hosting package which has an autoresponder and does not cost much and has the opportunity to even create a monthly income.

Also one should know where to promote what and which sources do work better than average. So having a FREE tool with proof of what works, is mandatory. To get you some quality traffic to your blog or website you want to exchange traffic.

But as there are thousands of sources out there, you don't want to make use of all of them, instead you only need one strong cooperation which gives you access to all those traffic without spending a fortune in upgrades.

Then you want the same from advertising networks which do display your text ads all over net with less effort at your end. Again there a plenty of them but only a few which are worth to spend money for.

You also want to take advantage of something which has proven to pay a lot to it's members and has a low budget entry to participate. What about a mailer + matrix build by someone who knows business?

At the start you may need help to put this all together into a business, and here is where the 5 STAR BIZ builder comes into play.

Build your BIZ

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Featured network ads, from networks which work!


How to get started!

To get you going I have integrated a BIZ builder into Ceo Marketing Path, and since we have 5 main steps to accomplish, I have called it the 5 STAR BIZ BUILDER.

Build your BIZ

You may join and even stay a free member to participate, but spending 5 - 30 bucks to increase your commissions isn't a bad idea at all conisidering the value which you receive. Once you are logged in, read all about the 5 STAR BIZ Builder. You find the page at you navigation menu at your members page. Click at all the 5 Stars and join all the programs. No need to upgrade them all right now.

What to do next!

But to start with your first step to success you buy yourself the hosting package at AIOP for only 10 bucks a month. If you need help to setup your own blog or website never hesitate to ask me!

Now place all your affiliate ID's of those 5 programs into the downline builder at Ceo Marketing path. Since you have joined TAP, which is free, you login there and walk through the downline builder there. You may have joined a few of those programs already then go ahead and fill your ID's into the DLB at TAP. If you havent joined yet in those sources introduced at TAP do so, and remain a free member at this point.

Still have 7 bucks to spare? Well then log in to your Leasedadspace account and buy yourself a position in the matrix and send one mail to all members once a month.

Now that you have filled all ID's into the 5 Star Biz builder, you may want to start introducing your BIZ to others. You can do so by promoting each of them or you can promote them all in one step.

There is a cool splashpage to promote your own 5 Star BIZ, you find it in your Promo tools at CEO Marketing path (ID4) together with a mail template and a banner.

When done invite people in facebook to read your blog instead of just posting a link which says almost nothing. People like to read information first. If they once accepted, that you give reliable information, they will bookmark your blog or follow your next post in Facebook again and again.

Read this blog to get some inspirations where and how to promote you BIZ.

How much does it cost to get started?

Membership as CEO lets say you start with 30 bucks one time! Membership at AIOP 10 USD per month for a complete starter kit with your own hosting package. Membership at TDL monthly 10 bucks! Matrix position at LAS 7 bucks ONCE Membership at Leadslep 29 bucks monthly. Membership at TAP = FREE for life.

At the start I recommend you may want to keep your membership at Leadsleap free as one can make use of it as free member. Focus at the upgrades at AIOP, TDL and LAS.

While you invite others to follow your system, you will start earning, there is no question about that, all you need is stick with it and keep promoting!

Use your earnings at AIOP to pay your monthly subscription ( only 1 paid member under you and you are break even), save your earnings and upgrade one program at a time which is intorduced at TAP. Use your earnings from LAS to buy you a higher level there to send more mails per month and to increase your sales. At the start it will be smart to reinvist earnings to build up your marketing power, later on, you may do the same as i do. Spend 30% of all the online income to expand your BIZ, and cashout 70 percent. Thats how i keep my BIZ growing and i am even able to cover some risky adventures of mine:)

You spend 50 bucks a month after you upgraded at AIOP, TDL, Leadsleap, you have spend 7 bucks at LAS and probably 30 at CEO Marketing Path.

I wouldn't introduce you to what I am doing, if it wouldn't work for myself. So here is what I have achieved by doing exactly the same as described above:

My AIOP hosting package is paid, every month by my downlines. AIOP performs that strong that I can afford to promote it for my TEAM instead of promoting on my behalf only.

I have filled 2 Levels at LAS, and while i promote it, each of my 2 new leads will pay first to one of my downlines. I have upgrade it to level 5 so far using the earnings and have cashed out more than 2k bucks.

TDL pays me between 30 and 50 bucks a month. My advertising at Leadsleap is paid by the commission which I earn there. It works because I do work hard committed to what I do day by day.

If you can do that too, you will succeed! If you have any questions SKYPE: klausbiesel