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Matrix &Co.

There are countless programs outside which offer you a matrix position combined with somewhat of advertising value like banner and text ads. Well those are most likely only offered as chain letters are forbidden, but no one really cares about the quality. Some Matrix programs have what they call forced matrix entries with overspill and under-spill and some are plain with just a simple members tree with you at the TOP. Well about those we do not really need to talk very much, as I haven't yet joined one, which ever has worked out.

What is more important to me, is the quality of a program, as I do not like to promote such only which are clearly meant as money makers only.

I joined PIF and Homepagesolo for example and made quite a small fortune, though I do not really promote them anymore that much. I still get few referrals there from Downline builders who have them inside, and as they are easy to understand, people still buy themselves in.

Unfortunately the integrated Mailer function lost it's original power, as both programs are now integrated into a network of pages and members do not get that much of results out of their campaigns and at PIF the mail queue is more than 20 days to get one SOLO out, since that time I stopped using them and also stopped promoting them.

I haven't joined any Matrix since then for a really long time and focused at single mailer and safe lists and best selling programs and of course at those which I Own myself.

Then I got invited to leasedads, by someone I am chatting with from time to time and I was wondering how he could stumble over a Matrix and joining with full force and even purchasing all levels before official launch, that did not look like his normal sign up pattern. An Email marketing junkie now inviting me into a matrix.

That alone caught my attention and I had to join just to see what is inside. Just the layout on first side showed, that this is not one of those cheap matrix scripts. It looks like the owner put some thoughts into it. So I was curious who owns that leasedadspace matrix.

Bingo, Richard Weberg, the same guy who owns your8steps. After that no time for longer delay, I bought myself in for 7 Bucks only.

Then I noticed that this Matrix is not just different because of it's 8x7 matrix compensation plan, but as well as advertising platform. Still not yet done all features to come, but that is only the case because Richard would never add a feature if not yet 100 percent perfect.

Now let me explain how the 8x7 matrix works and what is special at Leasedadspace. (scroll up)

Join leasedadspace

Again, this is not any matrix owned by just someone! Leaseadspace is owned by Richard Weberg the owner of your8steps.

My most recent signup via LAS

Signups at TAP via LAS so far!

Actually I can send solo mails every 7 days at LAS, but i am about to take the next advertising package Tier 5 to be allowed to mail every 5 days. It's worth it!

The 8x7 matrix at Leasedadspace

First of all members receive 100 percent commission right away into their PP,PAYZA or STP account. But what about the structure of the matrix?

How can I earn and help others earn as well and how does that make sense at all. I swear I read all pages at least 4 times, still couldn't really believe what I was reading, my German English not good enough?

I asked my UPLINE, hmmm since he is no matrix type at all and only interested in the advertising opportunity, I could have saved my time and asked Richard right away as I have him at skype.

Yes, all is exactly that easy as described if one only follows instructions and reads everything. So though I still had some questions, I decided to promote leaseads.

I never ever filled a first level of a matrix with paying people and had to purchase Level 2 right away, just to make sure I get the next pieces of the cake as well. And now that I started to fill my second level. I am finally able to describe and understand how this 8x7 Matrix really works.

How the matrix works at leasedadspace

All members, which come in will be affiliated with your account. As long your level 1 is not yet filled with 8 paid positions, you will get paid 7 USD for each referral in your first level. You get paid 7 bucks even a member came in under someone else who had filled his first level faster than you. Everybody earns only 8x7 bucks in first level no matter what.

Then while you go on promoting, the new referrals will be assigned into your second level. Now get the picture: you bought the second level for one time 17 USD and as long you keep promoting or your uplines and downlines, you can receive 64 x 17 USD. That also means If you have 64 more paid members brought in, 64 other members have been paid 7 USD due to your promotional effort. Do you see how overspill, works? Yes the system is setup for success. As people who get paid will advance to the level 2 having more Advertising and start earning more as well.

That is why I did it that way:

I purchased level 1, started promoting, when I had 4 paid members, I purchased level 2 already to make sure I will not miss commission. Means I paid 7 + 17 = 24 USD, got paid already 28 at this point. My first level was filled within 48 hours. Now the second level starts filling with people who join under me . They purchase the 1 level under someone else but will purchase the second level under me.

This is so power full that I already purchased level 3, just to have one more monthly SOLO. Now I have 3.

Soon we will have additional features, A personal blog where you can post your own unique content, Instant Blog Postings, Search Engine Traffic, Through a Classified Ad Directory.

The Value in summary what you get while joining leaseadspace is so much higher as any I have seen before added to a matrix.

Why adding a MATRIX Mailer to your portfolio?

Only PAID members will read your SOLO ads at LAS. That means only professional marketers have an eye on your advertisings. No free opportunity seekers are clicking to find a reward, looking for cents per click. Members at LAS are interested buyers.

As you can see ADVERTISING works there is proof of that. Yes, promoting it makes a lot of cents too.

LAS has taken place at TESTED and Proven. There you can see which sources deliver more than average and you can be certain not to waste your money and time. TAP is FREE. Join, take a look around and fill your ID's into the DLB. FREE and always will be!

So here is my advice:

Join Leasedadspace, purchase level 1 and 2 as soon as possible. All members keep on promoting, I am confident that one can fill level 1 and 2 in no time, as long one promotes.

Because OVERSPILL works!

And why you should stop promoting? Well the answer will be in your Payment procesors account. Right, you won't stop promoting. Getting paid is addictive.

Have you seen the LAS team promo page yet?