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However if AMAZON sounds complicated, here is an easier home business for you!

This alternative home-business is more easier as you do not even need your own website, hosting company or special programming skills. For as low as $50 you can start your alternative home business.

ATTENTION: You need to be able to access the internet once a day and open 10 sites daily, then it works for you too.

ADSPAYPRO as your alternative home business

There is no other program out there which is close to this one. You really only need to upgrade one time for 50 Dollar only. Be online at home or mobile every day, open 10 websites every day.

Your 50 Dollar will accumulate with 10%, revenue share + bonus 5% for each level of your ststus. You start as Bronze members and next step is SILVER. You can built up your income just at your own by purchasing Ads with your cash balance, or and when you invite friends to join your home business with ADSPAYPRO. You can find the complete AFFILIATE PLAN at your members pages at APP.

This one works, I will soon be able to pay my entire rent for my home. Not yet there, but I will be.

Skype: klausbiesel

Simply look me up and I assist you.

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Advertise your homepage or affiliate business

It works, if you have a website, do not forget to make use of your advertising credits. ADSPAYPRO is not just about making some income as alternative home business, it is source for you advertising as well.

Where to advertise?

The best practise is to invite personal contacts and friends first. The easiest way is using your social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Of course Email Marketing is one of the most successful marketing channels as well, but it is quite hard to find sources which deliver more than average. I have a FREE tool which is called TESTEDandPROVEN, even if you don't want to promote TAP (which you shouldn't as APP is your new focus), you will find real PROOF of which safelists do deliver signups beyond average. You only need to sign up, and take a look into the downlinebuilderm for each program you will find a link to a page which shows the proof. As I said keep focus at ADSPAYPRO, but take the proof serious.

Traffic exchanges will work for your campaigns too, just make sure you make use of splashpage which really stand out, like the one which i use. Here is my APP Splash as example.

Logon beach at Malapascua Island in the Philippines

ADSPAYPRO strategy for starters.

Here are the first steps to get you going:


watch the training video

take a look at your DASHBOARD

BUY COMBO adpacks (the one for 50 USD)

when done go back to your DASHBOARD

SEE the Qualifiying requirements.

READ the mail if you have one.

SURF the ten pages required

DONE for the first time.

Every other day

login, surf 10, watch your income growing

when you have earned 1 USD buy COMBO ADPACKS

If you have a website assign the credits and receive quality traffic to your site.

How to earn faster with ADSPAYPRO!

You can do it all alone, but as soon you have only 3 friends invited who do exactly the same as you and cosen this alternative source of income, you will earn much faster. Way much faster. Buy some more adpacks if you can afford it.

One thing is for sure, if you only spend 10 minutes each day to accomplish the small required tasks, you will not just make your initial payment back. Spend some more time to promote your new alternative online-business and you will get much more out of it in a smaller amount of time.

Here is the kicker!

After you have joined, taken your $50 adcombo package, contact me at Skype. I have prepared a TEAM promotion Page where I promote for my TEAM. As BRONZE member I will promote your alternative home business at APP until you have reached your SILVER status. From there you will be able to expand your home-business or alternative you can cash out much quicker. It is up to you.

Is there any risk?

The truth must be told. Yes, every online venture bears a risk! I have invested and lost a lot and saw a lot of promising opportunities vanishing from the net as fast as they appeared. Still, I feed my family, send my children to school and and we have built our own small paradise here in the Philippines doing online work every day.

I have made my decision not easy to have APP taken into my portfolio as alternative home business. The most important thing for me is, that the owner and admins, are present in Skype, running other successful programs. They are not hiding as anonymus people, they are right there. A lot of other program owners are hiding probably for a reason. Marc Freidberg doesn't hide behind the curtain, he is there if one need him.

Here you find the HOW to do and tips&tricks about APP