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Advanced Marketing strategies!

Since you have decided, to make some more income out of you Amazon online business, you may want to do something more.

Picture this:

More than 300 Million people are using Amazon, buut only a fraction of them are affiliates. What if you could be able to invite more people into your downlines at Amazon, showing them how to make money as Amazon affiliate and opening multiple income streams by doing so?

As we already have proven to you, the easiest way to increase sales is email marketing. Those, people just like you and us will have to find the best email marketing sources.

Now figure this:

We can lead you to those email sources, which exactly allow you to do this, promoting those email programs and your Amazon business at the same time. So you will be making some serious income either by making a sale at Amazon, or for referring others into the best email marketing sources!

Here is just one example of a sales page which Klaus is using. Look at this splashpage!

You can have your own page like this. Build your own or use those email marketing sources, which have Amazon as special featured program and offer you a splashpage just similar to the one above.

Email Marketing sources which do feature Amazon!

Whitelist-email-marketing, High IQ Mailer, CEO Marketing Path. A summary of the best email marketing sources is being found here at TAP.

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Advanced strategies for website owners!

Professional website owner and Amazon affiliates do more than that. They set up their own small niche product amazon network.

Means they set up more than just one website. Ideally at least 9 niche product sites combined with a central individual Amazon shop to be linked and relinked with the complete network. You think that's expensive? No, it isn't! A single domain doesn't cost you not more than $15 a year and you can buy your own server space with unlimited domains to set up, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited online space for less than $10 a month.

We strongly recommend namecheap as they have fast reliable servers and a cutomer service which has no example anywhere else. Our site ar hosted over there and we have no regrets at all.

Let's say your network is about 10 perfectly written websites, then your annual costs are less than $400. Not much considered that you now have set up a real online business to succeed with from the comfort of your home. Which business of your own can be started with less investment?

Is there more you can do?

As website owner you should consider to place some links to your favorite email marketing sources as well. Serious services do provide you with affiliate tools which fit best to your page. Text ads, Banners and email swipes to introduce your favorite Email source. Make use of those and open up multiple income streams.