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??!!"Earn before you even spend money"!!??

Lets cut the crap right here. Building a BIZ without spending money is never going to happen. When you open a grocery shop or start your own restaurant or what so ever, you know already that you need to get customers and guests to know your business. The regular start up business plan is based on an advertising budget with at least 10 percent of the initial project costs and additional at least 15 – 20 percent of your monthly net income from here on.

Otherwise you do not even need to go to your bank and ask them for a business loan. Even brands like Apple, Nike and Co., do it and they do it on a much bigger scale.

They spend 40 percent of the products costs just to get the message out and keep the brand on top of others or at least compete with them. Why that should be any different for opening your online business? I think that just had been answered, by the use of common sense.

In Germany we have a saying:

"Wer nicht wirbt, der stirbt"

in English it does not really sounds that nice and does not rhyme, but to let you know what it says, here is the translation:

"Those who don't advertise will die"

How much to spend on advertising.

Here is what I do. I put 30 percent of my net online income back into additional advertising. Sometimes I just buy some login spotlights or additional guaranteed views, and of course I do purchase more and more email sources. Buying thousands of extra exposure at those sources which I know off that they will deliver. Of course I don't know if they will work when they just start and in fact, 80 percent are going to fail in the long run, but mostly at the start they deliver as expected. Later on they just die.

Now you'll say "wow really"? Yes really!

Of course while you are just at the start to build your online business you do not want to waste money on sources which have already died or where you are not sure about if they ever gonna deliver.

That's the reason Penny Cannon and I came up with TAP. There we keep members informed which sources deliver more than average. A good place to start with as the information is FREE.

If you don't have your own blog you don't have a business at all you are just a follower. Create your blog, describe yourself and share your thoughts to others. Start branding yourself and your business and have a chance to even get your downlines paying for it. Join a Team which helps you to start your biz for only 10 bucks a month! read this article

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But how much you really should invest right away at the start?

Join TAP, see which programs are featured, join them all but remain free for now as a few of this sources you will need anyway to get your basic advertising portfolio set up. You may keep reading first!

10 USD per month give you 2400 guaranteed views coming from 6000 and more traffic sources. The downliner is the only coop you'll ever need to reach the most effective traffic exchanges. Read this article.

Now that you have covered your appearance in Traffic exchanges, you also want to gain traffic and signups from the most effective TEXT ad Exchange. Leadsleap is that ultimate Text ad exchange, your upgrade costs you 30 bucks a month, and its very well worth it. Read this article.

50 bucks a month advertising budget to get your BIZ started.

That is what you need at least, if you ever wanna reach 1500 – 4000 USD online income per month.

Now let's see what else is required beside your commitment to your own business.

If you have read and understood, you have already signed up at TAP and in the sources which are introduced there. Let us take it from here and start to expand your marketing portfolio in the most effective way possible.

Start to upgrade those sources which give you the guarantee of unique views first. As those of course are the best views you can get, and it is good yo know that you get what you paid for. Guaranteedmails and Guaranteedsolomails (GSM), do exactly as described. If you can not get the amount of views as promised your mails will be send out again not just at GSM but across Marty Petrizza's entire network as long and as often neccesary to get you those guaranteed views. If you have the chance to get a lifetime upgrade, its highly recommended to grab it.

Also the herculist which is quite affordable, and as GOLD upgraded member you reach 75000+ members each and every day. The upgrade costs 50 bucks per year. That list is still growing and one always has the chance to reach fresh leads. Those 3 sources are my top picks for starters.

After you have joined those, proceed and get yourself upgrades in all the TAP sources. Once you have reached the TOOLS at TAP, consider to make use of Referral frenzy and take it from there. Join those mailers step by step, and collect your freebies as long you can't afford the upgrades. Well its quite impossible to do so anyway. But when time comes, Referral Frenzy is the tool to safe your valuable online time.

Make no mistake, we all know: Rome, wasn't build in one day either. Don't rush it, but also don't miss to enhance your adverising portfolio. Month by month as your income grows.

Bottom line, free gets you nowhere, but spend your money wisely, there is a reason why I haven't written about 200 more sources where I am upgraded.

Read your way through the blog.

Conatct me at Skype: klausbiesel if you have any questions.