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What to do, after joining AIOP

First of all it is very important, that you start communicating with your upline, you find his username, name and email address after you logged in to your aiop account and visit this link:

Secondly join our Skype group click this link after you are logged into skype. Introduce yourself and read the chat history as there are plenty of information already.

Create your own custom splash to promote your account, or ask in the skype group to let Klaus Biesel, create a splash for you.

Start promoting your AIOP account, the same is your upline going to do with your teamsplash.

Promote downwards!

After you have your first paid referral, promote on his or her behalf. Create a teamsplash rotator and where ever you promote AIOP use that rotator only! While your upline keeps promoting for YOU, you promote for your downlines. Read how to build a team rotator!

That is what sets this team apart and that's why we will sustain a growing monthly income. You happy, your downline happy – all happy. I guess you get the picture.

Promote AIOP at all sources at hand and you may read this blog entirely to figure out which sources may be helpful for you as well.

But there is more to do:

Now since you have AIOP as your business builder, you want to start to build your own blog where you describe yourself and why you make use of AIOP and why you like the way your team works.

Once set up, make use of it!

When you promote AIOP in social media like facebook, just DO NOT make posts here and there. Think about people who may interested and are capable of building their own team. Start a friendly conversation via PM only, and only then invite them to your BLOG, as less you push people as more you succeed.



I created a new rotator for all members who do not yet have any paid member. This rotator is not just meant for my personal referrals but for evryone who is part of our real team.

As FOUNDER member at REFERRALFRENZY, I can decide which programs are being promoted by Marty on my behalf. The new rotator is now advertised by Marty.

In order to keep this rotator effective, please report members in your downline, who do not have a paid referral yet only! More important, please report again, as soon your referral has his or hers first paid referral.

Report to me in our team room at skype and provide me with the link you want to use to help your downline get the first paid referral.

Promotion materials

468 gif banner, rignt click and open in new window, copy the link and conect it to your teamsplash / rotator

125 gif banner for the general use, if you like it grab it from here. And link it to your team rotator link!



thats my custom 125 gif to promote my team


If you like to know how to create a gif banner, then read this article!


600x300 banner, rignt click and open in new window, copy the link and conect it to your teamsplash / rotator make use of it in your self made splashes if you like, and at places like loginads at different sources.

Ideas for your HEADLINE in email campaigns:

I promote my members AIOP account, are you in?

Our team promotes downwards, thats why we succeed!

AIOP is just awesome, so is our team - read why!

Email swipe example:

Our team is real
people made of flesh and blood
not just a bunch of pictures.

Join us, let us help each other
stop promoting being alone

Join at AIOP
visit The REAL TEAMROOM at skype
and let us get you started.

AIOP is awesome here is what you get:

Your own website HOSTING package!
Your own autoresponder!
Your own splashpages.
Your own Tracking solution
Your own downline builder
And a lot more....

Best is only one paid member and youare break even.
Start earning month by month
recurring income for years to come

To our success

Also, when ever you see my mails, simply feel free to copy it. Just make sure you have got the names changed and affiliate links to your teamsplash :)