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Protect your online income choose the right payment processor

NO matter if you own a program or if you are just a member and you have built your business based on the reliable and most common payment processor, you will now have to think about alternatives. As our example shows and all the other different examples which we have learned of in the skype group of victimized PP users this can happen to all of us.

Sadly but true PP does not show a pattern in their behavior in fact it appears to be totally random, how they pick your account to be frozen or limited as in our case. From the examples we have learned that sometimes they do it because someone reported your advertising as fraud ( no matter if true or wrong), sometimes it was just a keyword in the payment description and sometimes a random error on their site. To make a long story short, to protect your online income from being frozen or limited, you will have to think about alternatives.

What alternatives you have?

PAYZA and Solidtrustpay for example are per-approving all services and we haven't heard yet about any incidence that an account has been frozen or payments have been hold back. Make use of them for your online purchases and let owners of mailers, and traffic exchanges pay you via one of them.

As you may have noticed, a lot of owners who are offering similar services based on the LFMVM or LFMTE script have added at least PAYZA as alternative and we are certain a lot of owners will add more alternatives like Ghislain Poirier did for all his programs already.

SolidTrustpay is one of those alternatives.

All big names ( such as Marty Petrizza, Doug Forbes Tony Tezak and much more) in our industry are getting prepared and have alternative payment processors in play. Don't wait until your PP acount is being limited or frozen.

Nowadays one BITCOIN wallet is mandatory as well. And it is FREE as well to get started and one can use Bitcoin funds either to pay with or one can even fund a PAYZA account with those, so you don't have to worry how to turn this virtual currency into real cash.

20 and more programs are going down due to paypal!

Here is what one more owner had to tell members!

Hi Klaus Earlier this week PayPal limited my account indefinitely for reasons completely beyond my comprehension. This means I can't send or receive funds via PayPal. Therefore I won't be able to accept subscription or special offer payments and subscriptions are being cancelled by PayPal automatically. I also can't send funds, so unfortunately commissions can't be paid out. As this situation is completely beyond my control, I hope you will understand that I can't do anything about it. No further appeal to PayPal is permitted from me and frankly, I can do without the stress. Needless to say, it feels like I've been pushed into a corner, had my hands tied and been cut off at the knees! After 16 years online, it's time to move on. I apologise for the inconvenience this has caused and will be closing my websites within 2 weeks time. If you're interested in buying the Promotion Magnet network, which includes 18 websites and 2 super solo networks, please feel free to send me an offer and I will consider it. Payment will need to be via international bank wire. Failing that, I will simply close the sites, delete them and move on. I wish you all the very best in the future and thank you for your past loyalty as a valued member of my site. Sincerely Eva Browne-Paterson

IF YOU JOIN a viral mailer - USE PAYZA or your upgrade might become useless just because of Paypal!

I am now building recurring income streams by promoting programs which are PAYPAL safe, as they do not offer PP as payment option.


Here is what happened to us!

As you know I am living in the Philippines with my wife Mary and together we have built our income stream based on online services. Not much but just enough to feed our kids and send them to a private school. That suddenly stopped and broke apart, just because Paypal decided to limit our account.

So we had no access at all to our funds, were not able to send or receive money but ironically we would have been able and allowed to send funds to our account. First of course we tried to figure out why that happened and tried to call, sadly the given number is not working from our location. So we send a mail and asked.

First we got again just the general mail , that some of our programs where we make use of the payment buttons would violate their terms. Then after that we asked again "WHY" and which programs. This time we got a list and inside the pp dashboard a page with instructions to be followed to remove the limitation. NO answer again WHY it happened in the first place.

To access our funds we followed the instructions and removed all links and buttons in our services. And after one more mail going back and forth we were able to access our account and funds. Then we again contacted them by mail and asked WHY as the same services where in use by at least 500 more people and some who we know had the same problem but had been re-approved and are again allowed to make use of paypal while offering exactly the same services as we are. So why not us? Well their final answer is here:

Paypal answererd
Time to move on!

The industry has banned Paypal. More and more owners took action and did not wait until Paypal will freeze their assets as well.

PAYZA and Solidtrustpay (STP) will be the future standard payment processors.

It's time to pull our haeds out of the sand and instead taking advantage out of this situation as both processors have rewards in place for referrring new members.

Therefor we have created splash pages to help you to promote STP and PAYZA at WEM and HIQ.

Join WEM and/or HIQ, put your referral ID's for Payza and STP into the DLB and promote.

There are thousands of people out there, who will need a new payment processor to make their online business work!

Tell us your story, which payment processor do you use?