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Amazon for website owners!

As website owner you have at least some more experience about webhosting and search engines, which is good and you may be interested how to increase the value of your pages while being affiliated with Amazon.

You have already placed some advertisments to your website and may wonder why you are not yet making some income out of it, or at least not as much you might thought you would have made so far? Try to answer yourself the following questions:

Be honest to yourself!

The key to success is you, nobody else!

In most of the cases at least 3 out of this 5 questions above are being answered with no. There is the potential of increasing your online sales with Amazon. Keep on reading or simply contact us and we can give you some pointers to get you into profit.

Join and become an affiliate of Amazon.

If you are not yet an affiliate with Amazon, you can signup and create your account at

It takes just few minutes and you are ready to go and you can place an advertisment onto your blog or website. But keep on reading and you will get some additional information, how to optimize the way you present Amazon to your visitors.

How to work with Amazon?

Amazon offers quite a great choice of affiliate tools, banners, text ads and widgets to help you to make the sales.

As more specified your website is, as more you will make use to target your visitors. If you have found your niche for your site you want to add the perfect matching niche products or bestsellers of Amazon. The given choices in your affiliate tools at Amazon are widely spread and you can easy accomplish that.


If you have a Travel Blog like Klaus, which talks about the Philippines and where the best diving spots to find, then find some topic related products like snorkeling kits or scuba gears. If you have a blog where you talk about children safety, well then you may consider to find a banner which sells children car seats. It really doesn't make any good to your sales if you place a banner and try to get the readers attention for fishing gears. In short: As closer you match the content of your pages with product offers from Amazon as more you catch the attention of your visitors.

Don't repeat the mistakes we made!

Read about the big NO NO's to avoid trouble and money loss and read about advanced strategies.