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Why using splashpages

If you have read how to avoid our mistakes, and the Amazon policy about spamming and the proper use of Amazon as affiliate, you know that splashpages are the only secure way to work with to comply not just with the guidelines of Amazon, as most serious affiliate programs have similar rules to protect their clients.

Splashpages do have more than 1 purpose. First of all they keep you out of trouble with the above reglementations, secondly they filter interested users from those which are not and last and least for now, they are save to use in email campaigns and traffic exchanges without damaging your searchengine prestige.

More about splashpages

Let's make an example first for a better understanding.

You may have created your first ashop page as described earlier and you have a link looking similar to the one below. or you do have your own Amazon business page as in the example below.

You will not use those original domains in your email campaigns, for your facebook posts or anywhere else.

Instead you build a splash page. Here is my example, it delivers targeted leads to the Amazon Business of the new brand Kinder Fluff

The point is, you do direct your visitors from a page which complies with all regulations, which is not hosted together with your own URL or ashop page together.

This technique applys for any kind of website which you might own to increase sales and traffic. Just like the splashpage for the Travel page of Klaus. It's safe, it's fast and it works!

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How to built your splashpage?

For starters we recommend to use a free website hosting service which allows unlimited traffic. Such as wix. No need to pay just use the free features.

Create a nice header, write about your pages or products, include an eye catching graphic and don't forget the link which directs to the page where you want your visitors to go next!

If you have your own hosting account, which allows you to host more than just 1 domain, we suggest you create a new domain and use this one for all your splashpages.

Wanna save some time?

Creating your own splashpage is maybe not what you want. You want it easy, saving your time and you want to get it done right now.

We can do the job for you. And if you think that's expensive and would cost you a fortune, you are wrong.

Let us create your splash page to introduce your business, host it with us with unlimited bandwidth for not more than 20 USD or 30 USD if you don't like the sponsor link as shown in the example on the left side of this page.

Contact us first before you make any decision.