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Create your GIF banner

Have you ever wondered how it works to make those animated banners? Such as this one?

gif animated banner

That's much easier as you thought! And one can even get it done for FREE, so don't you worry the program which i introduce has no affiliate link at all and can be used as often as you like 100% free.

How to create animated Banners!

First of all you do need at least 2 files with the same size like 125x125 or 468x60 to create the most common gif animated banners.

To explain a bit better, here are my 3 jpg files which i used to create the above 125x125 banner as animated gif.

All I had to do is visiting the free GIF maker and uploaded those 3 jpg files in the order which I wanted them to appear, then I decided on the animation speed. ( turned out that 1500 mill sec. is my favorite setting) and then press the button CREATE GIF. Then it allowed me to watch the result and to download it.

Really that easy. After that i renamed the fil to my liking and uploaded it to one of my servers.


Pandea is EPIC!

"PANGEA" Millions of years ago all of the continents were together as one and millions of years into the future they will be one continent again.


Maryanne Meyers has done that already, they all come together as one. Her entire network of lists is now combined in one epic program and one can reach different list members all over the world.

100.000+ squattered leads now finally combined!

To acomplish that, all the above leads are brought together in so far 5 Groups at Pangea, no matter in which program they have originally joined, they will randomly take place in one of those 5 groups.

With each mailing you will spend only 10000 email credits to reach one of those groups. The best thing is, you only create your malswipe once, and each time you mail you could choose a different group which will then read your mails.

Different from all you have seen earlier. Pangea is not a BULKMailer, so you can rest assured that it will work, just like Bestlistmailer, which is by far the best source introduced in TAP.


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