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How to use Autoresponders

The idea of using autoresponders is, that while you promote any program, you will not let people sign in directly. Instead giving them a squeeze page where they sign up for your autoresponder first.

The autoresponder then send them a verifiaction mail and once verified, the auto responder sends them a link where they can find the information about the program you promote and your affiliate link.

Building your own list, while you promote other programs, that,s the main basic idea behind.

How valuable are those signups which came in via your autoresponder?

People of course know what you are doing, they sign up just to receive the info you promised or even to get a gift which some people promise beside the information about the promoted program.

I have used this type of autoresponder messages a lot in the past and always failed to build a responsive list, because 90 - 99 percent of all email addresses had been trash. As soon i tried to reach out nobody responded.

I had built a big useless list and wasted more than 20 bucks a month for a long period of time and at the end I had no gain at all.

What to do with your leads who have signed up to your autoresponder?

NEVER EVER bother them with too much mails, do not invite them here and there. Give them valuable information, and invite them to an interesting topic to a google hangout or skype group. Build a relationship first.

Do not abuse your autoresponder, do not abuse your leads.

Patience is the clue when you want to make business.

How to build a responsive list with autoresponders

What I did is what I call "non forced" autoresponder list building.

When I use the autoresponder, I give people the choice, either to sign up directly into the program which i promote, and give them in addition the opportunity to sign up to make sure to receive more valuable Information. this is my splash / squeeze page to promote this blog!

As you see, I give people the freedom to decide to visit the blog directly without subscribing, or to subscribe right away using the autoresponder form.

Since then I use this technique, the quality of my leads has increased drastically. The list is small 500+ leads so far, but highly responsive. As only interested people have chosen to subscribe with a prime email account.

I use the autoresponder in the same way when I promote other programs, some people simply don't like to subscribe just to receive the affiliat link, instead I give them the choice, JOIN DIRECTLY or subscribe!

Beside the free autoresponderscript from leadsleap which is good to fill my blog with recurring visitors, I have created an account at AIOP, I only pay 10 bucks for it each month and since I know how to make use of the autoresponder, I built my list with that one. AIOP allows me to build a list as big as 10000, instead of 500 -5000 which other programs offer for 20 bucks a month.

AIOP also comes with a genius affiliate program, and only one paid member made me break even. So i decided to help my downlines to get their first paid referral as well. You may click the banner above and you'll see I promote for my Team.

Here you can read how team building works!