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More visits to your website done the smart way!

You must create a sales page (so called splash or landing pages). Best case would be if you can host those on a different domain. At least host them on a non public folder and exlude all robots, so they can't be tracked. Still we prefer to out-source our splashpages.

Why and how to create a sales page?

To make proper use of traffic exchanges, banner exchanges and email services you will have to create at least one splashpage. This kind of sales pages can be then easy being used in all the above. Not just to avoid artificial traffic at your original domain, also to filter those visits into interested unique site views. It does simply don't make any sense to have just 10000 views more every month, you do want interested viewers and buyers.

A splash page can be very simple, using only one eye catching graphic or a combination with short interesting content. Like this splash page which Klaus is using to get interested visitors to his website about the Philippines. As you notice that page is not at his original domain. If this page splash page is now rotating in traffic exchanges or used as landing page in email campaigns, only interested visitors will click through, if they do they do visit more than just one page at the original domain, they may find some interesting offers to purchase and the traffic which is recorded by searchengines is the kind of quality traffic which increases the prestige rank of a page and this will lead to higher search engine ranking as well.

Read here if you like to know more about how to create a splashpage and where to host it.

Never ever send artificial traffic to your website!

Since search engines have become so much powerful and almost weekly update their algorythm, they will spot artificial traffic with ease. No way, that they don't get you.

No matter if you have Google ADsense, Ebay or Amazon advertisements or not. Search engines recognize faked traffic immediately and your search engine ranking drops down as deep as you can't imagine. To recover from that kind of mistake is almost impossible or requires so much energy and cash. Most site owners had to start from the scratch. You don't want to do that mistake!

The guidelines for example of Google Adsense are very much clear about that as well, if you direct artificial traffic to your website to make people click on those ads, your account and income is gone forever.

The most common mistake is using Traffic-exchanges and Banner-exchanges, and even email campaigns could harm your search engine reputation as not all services do comply with the terms and rules of serious affiliate programs.

And still, there is a way to make proper use of those services. Let's show you the smart way to do it.

Don't fall for false promises

If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is too good to be true!

We know the feeling, when something just looks so much tempting, so much promising and we know how it feels to be desperate for more website visits to increase our sales.

We have been there, we have done it. Fact is, there is no service out there which turns your page into a million dollar winner over night. There is NON.

All you have is yourself, and you may want to hook up with experienced marketers who are willing to share and offer help.