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Banner advertising for your Amazon business!

Amazon hasn't made it easy yet to use banner advertising for your campaigns. Well it is easy if you have your own Website, but we like to show you, how you can use banner ads, to fill your amazon downlines or to increase your sales while using banner exchange services.

Banner exchanges can drive you a serious amount of visitors to you own amazon shop (aShop as explained in starters) or to your own amazon sales page.

Where to start with banner ads?

Most email marketing services are also offering you banner ads, so without making investments right away, you may want to get started right there.

Login to your favorite email service and see if they offer you that kind of service. If not you may try CEO Marketing Path. They have it. There you follow the instructions on how to place a banner into their service and you will find out, that with the given banners from your amazon affiliate page, can't be used there, or lets say it's very hard to figure out how that might be going to work for you. Therefor you find some examples on the right side to make it easy and work for you.

You may also create your own banner using the free banner creator at CMP.

If you are once familar how to use and or how to create your banner, you may look out for banner exchanges which stand alone services, means they are not included and limited to email services so called Banner exchange networks.


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Banner for your campaigns!

Simply click on the banner which you want to use, a link opens in your browser, copy that and this is the target URL which banner exchanges will ask you for. The above 468x60 and 125x125 banners are hosted with us you can make use of them right away.

Link this banner to your sales page or website and start receiving traffic.

SQUARE Banners 125/125 you may want to displays those at our: GT Marketing Group Banner cooperation.