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Square banner exchange.

Why making business with GT Marketing Group Featured Square Banner cooperation?

Have you noticed that your ctr for 468-60 banners has dropped at most of the advertising places? One reason are the square banners which are placed by site owners at more visible spots as your 468 banners. Now the Square banners do have quite a better exposure. But still not all of them are going to deliver ctr, as there are way to many at the same time displayed.

We counted up to 50. How that will ever bring results when the viewers are totally overwhelmed recognizing any of that mass displays? One more more thing is important to take note of - Every owner is selling those Square banner ads at prices which can add up very quick if you want your square banners seen at all this sites.

Here comes the FEATURED Ads banner cooperation into play!

Your Ads are shown across a network of sites, which display our FEATURED Ads for you at top prime spots only. They do not offer such square banners to their regular membership, infact they promote your FEATURED ADs. We do not allow to display a more than 4 Square banners at the same time 3 are our standard choice. Which makes it much more effective. Also if youwant save some time you can do that while using GT Marketing Group Features Ads banner cooperation, as you will receive monthly credits which you can assign to your desired 125/125 banners. As soon you saved or changed them they will be shown instantly across the network. Takes just a few minutes to handle all this at one place. Not to mention that you do save a lot of cash as if you would purchase them at all single sites. At GT Marketing Group we also take care, that your value of your cash remains the same, as bigger the network grows, as more monthly credits will be given to your account

Actually the upgrades which you purchase are for life! YES one time payment and you don't have to pay again. Two upgrades you can choose from. $29.00 or $49.00 take the one which fits best to your needs.

This are promo prices and they will cost the same amount but won't be for life when we hit 1000 active members. They will be available as YEARLY subscription only.

If you ever feel the need to ad some more credits to your account, we also offer credit packs affordable and reasonable priced. In average we offer more value for your money as you will find at other banner cooperations.

GT Marketing Group

FEATURED ADs Banner cooperation for website owners and affiliate marketers.

Here is how they look like!


If you own a traffic exchange, mailer, safelist or other highly exposed websites or blogs, and you do not offer alternative Banner exchanges yourself, then consider to join, and contact us.

But really, we mean it, apply only if you are willing to expose the FEATURED Banner Ads at top prime spots at your sites.

That will open you an opportunity to create an additional income stream while inviting your members to join the banner cooperation instead of having the hustle to run your own banner exchange at a single site.

You have less work, you pay less, and you still earn almost the same as you were on your own.

We create a simple code for you and all you have to do is embedding it onto your pages. Easy as that.

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Join us and enjoy the simplicity of successful advertising with FEATURED ADs delivered by GT Marketing Group.