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Best Selling Affiliate programs and how to find them

You may wonder which of the introduced programs are the best selling programs worth your time and worth your credits to promote them. Well, there is no final answer and it depends a lot on which strategy or lets say goal you are trying to accomplish.

Are you seeking for less work but higher risk programs? Do you prefer a steady stream of income while you sell safelists?

As you know I do make my main living from safelists. I even own or co own such lists. Making money as affiliate of mailers and safelists is the most safe way to get you into business. There is still a growing market in the online business world.

People need email marketing sources as email marketing is still the best marketing channel to get fresh leads. The risk loosing money while joining and promoting mailers or traffic exchanges is close to Zero, though I must say there had been some of them which turned out either not working, or owners disappeared suddenly.

But how to make money as affiliate with mailers?

The launch hopping strategy

There are mailers emerging almost 1 -2 per week, one can join, upgrade, promote them while they launch making commission while they are hot. That worked very well in the past, but nowadays people are getting tired of all this launches and spending less money. So launch hopping is not the best choice anymore.

Here is what I am doing! I look out for established email marketing sources of trusted owners and do the launch hopping only if those owners come up with something unique, not the average copy and pasted mass mailer products. But such which stick out of the crowed.

My latest launch which I have joined are such programs and mailers which are owned by trusted owners. Listimpact form Kenny with a totally different script and a fairly priced upgrade and a unique achievement plan in place.

LIP is different and so is Leaseadspace, owned by Richard Weberg, the owner of your8steps came up with what I call " Mailer Matrix" never done before.Tthe way it is set up screamed at me to get into it.

As one gets a SOLO AD for life each month if one gets in with 7 USD only. But that's not all, the level up matrix system allows us to sell the ad-space as if it would be our own business and earns us 100 percent commission right into our payment processor accounts, such as STP, Payza or Paypal. If you want to give it a try, Join under me, and receive overspill.

Means when my 1st or second position is filled, the system fills your downlines and you receive the commission, caused by the overspill. That may be your best choice if you are just getting started to sell mailers and advertising space, as it is unique, fresh and is owned by someone who understands online business since years.


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How to recognice best sellers?

I do promote mainly those established sources which either are Testedandproven and or such which have a high conversion rate.

Don't get fooled by high numbers of commission paid. That proves nothing. Always compare: Number of active members, and the summary of commission paid, that gives you a clear picture of how much commission PER HEAD has been paid.

Most mailers and traffic exchanges hardly reach 1 usd paid per active member. Some make it up to 2 USD per head count and only very view reach above that line. 3 – 4 bucks are rare.

Those established sources are the ones you may look for. Here is a graphic with few examples so you understand what I am talking about.

Best sellers

Not yet tried?

Blastmyads, CEO,Admaster+, Super7

If you are more the type of marketer who likes to earn with less work while participating at revenue sharing programs, watch out for trusted owners. Such who are in business since years, such who own not just one type of program but a variety.

Like Mark Dosier, who owns ViraladPays and a bunch of lists beside Blastmyads.

A trusted owner who pays his members since years. VAP is clearly not a gambling get rich site, as it's settings are set to last, but clearly that makes it a best selling program, as people are getting sick of being scammed and looking for trusted sources where they get paid!

If you like to have it more easy but coming with a higher risk level, simply read my disclaimer page and see how I split this kind of risks.

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