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The best of 2016

I like to introduce you to my personal best ranking programs of 2016. Not that they are best sellers, but they also deliver what i paid for. Quality traffic which delivers results. Programs which are affordable, unique and constantly improving my marketing success as well.


Unique Traffic COOP with features only available at TDL and no where else. You may follow me right away or read more here.


undeniable the best launched prgram in 2016. The owners came up with a fully equipped solution which does not just creates leads but income as well.

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There is no comparison. It works, they pay, it is my only TEXTadexchange and one really only need one.

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Members benefits

This are ads of members of the GT marketing Group!


This square banner ads are shown at sites which you may not even know yet. No need to join all of them. All is done for you.

Your campaign will be even displayed while I or other members promote GTM. Simply clever marketing!

Here are my bonus rewards for being active at Whitelistemailmarketing and HIQmailer

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The codes are enabled for a one time use only. Members will receive new codes just for being active once in a while, so keep coming back to this page and / or watch for my admin mails.

Make 2016 count for you too.

If you like to promote THE BEST OF 2016 you can do that by using this SPLASH which is available at WEM only.

I have tested it, it converts!

All the best for your marketing and may your business keep prospering for years to come.

Klaus Biesel (aka klausius)