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Matrix & CO

well those of you who have already read my personal ebook, will know that I do have my very own opinon about the matrix world, and now i am going to tell you that you will become rich using a Matrix.

NO, I won't tell you that!

Let me tell you first why Matrix fail and why you should stay out of them!

First of all 99 percent are never meant to pay you or your downlines, but the few people on top, as they either planned that from the early beginning and stop maintaining the program after a few months, or because they do not care about you to succeed while not giving you the true infomation you need.

Most Matrixes fail, because of the lack of communication, everybody is on its own and promotes the heck out of it and is getting no where, but ending up frustrated and quitting very soon.

This is why I do not even provide you with a link to signup into the program I have in mind for you. I have opened my own skype group to get us started with the most important part to succeed with a matrix.


Before you connect with us keep the following in mind:

  1. this company is real
  2. admin is real
  3. pays out in BTC
  4. low entry costs
  5. you can work with a team
  6. our commitment is everyones success

Want to find out how you can earn with a sophisticated straight in line matrix? Take a look at how we work.

If yes, join our new SKYPE GROUP

Why not joining right away?

Of course you could join right away as I am sure you will see our members heavily promoting which is good for everyone, but to make things easier right from the start for those who join via this page and connect first via SKYPE to get the signup link you really want to go this extra step, as then you start on the right foot.

Communication is key, and guess what?

Yes you can get help to have a qick start you are not alone, always someone with you who lends a helping hand.

You know the the Real Team of AIOP?

Then you know that communication and team work is KEY to success.

If you for whatever reason don't have access to skype, email me, ask for the signup link.


It's not just a saying that team work makes the dream work.

With your and our dedication it will become reality!