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Welcome to the Club 100

Are you one of those, who always struggle to make money online? Failing to succeed and almost at a point where you want to give up?

Well that is very understandable, as frustration kicks in very fast when someone promised you to earn hundreds of dollars in no time. Well sad to say, but that is not the reality.

Making money online is nothing but work and if you don't find the right partners, you are getting lost in the jungle of tempting offers and you might even loose money instead of making it.

You will feel much better, if you start earning money even as free member, yes even when you did not spend a dime.

As more people you find who are just like you, as faster you earn as free member. Therfor one needs to find a program which is interesting, does make serious offers, and is created to last longer than all those hypes and scams out there.

A program which pays you as free member and pays you to find free members.

Free 1000 Advertising Credits Plus $2.5 in Cash Bonuses.

adfeedz is such a program, and that is why I have chosen it to start this new team project.

Here is why you should join:

After you joined, you can start surfing right away and you will get paid out of the surfers pool no question asked. You will get paid as well for doing 7 simple tasks.

Up to 2.50 will already be yours after you finished the task. Then on the next day you start with claiming your rewards froom surfing the day befor. You surf and you get paid the next day.

That could be all but it gets better!

Even as free member you get 10 percent commision of what members under you earn. For example when they buy an advertising package. Simple as that no strings attached.

So why doing it in the CLUB 100?

Simple, because if you are one of those who are determined to make some money and you surf at least 100 pages a day (700 per week). This way you will earn fast and be able to purchase your first adpack.

Once you have surfed enough you can use your funds to start buying your first advertising pack for only 29 USD which grows up to 38 USD, then you can buy again and either keep what is left, withdraw what is left or wait until you can buy one more package.

As long you have an active adpack, you will be automatically placed to my team rotator were I promote for you and all who have an active package under me!

Each contract is good for 50 days!

Meaning if you reach those earnings faster, your contract will end before 50 days, if you do not reach 120% in 50 days, the contract will end too - this is pure commission, not ponzi like!

While you have invited more members, who do exactly the same you will earn without ever have to spend a dime.

I am a professional marketer, and since the advertising package have valuable advertising spots and do not waste my credits, i decided to fund my account right away which is possible but not an obligation.

Join here if you want to be under me or join using the teamrotator you will love it!

Want to know more about me and the club 100?

contact me at SKYPE: klausbiesel

What else ?

If you like the idea of working together, and would like to invite people into your own club 100, then we can show you how that works. Would be easy when you have your own blog or website, but since you may not yet have the funds to do so, we can provide you with a page like this with your links inside, your promomaterials and so on. And of course with your contact details.

You already know how to contact me :)

Club 100 members as well do not leave any free money on the table. They are using the crypto tab browser while they work online.

DOWNLOAD and install the browser and start instantly earning, not much but over time it is quite a bit to get you going.

Your promo material to promote Club 100

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There is more to come. BOOKMARK this page and see what happens next!