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Coop Marketing

All in one solutions for your marketing.

There are different kind of coop marketing offers out there some just for text or banner advertising and standalone coops for website traffic exchange.

All of them are great source to start with, as your advertising is not just shown to the members of the coop program which you join, but to hundredts of other services which are connected, or while you or others promote the coop.

This comes in very handy when you are just at the start of your online marketing carreer, but also professionals who simply like to have even more extra exposure do choose coops to expand their business.

The Downliner

The Downliner is an advertising coop which combines all the above into one "ALL in ONE" solutions. Also the script is custom build not one of those out of the mill and has the most unique features and tools to offer.



The Downliner allows you to create your own stunning splashpages and while you promote your favorite program you collect points, that gives you even more exposure for your campaigns.

Why have I picked The Downliner?

For me the most important feature which atrrcted me on first sight is the social posting. Have you build followers in Twitter , Facebook or Linkedin? I have but just small numbers and I wouldn't call it my social network lol. One reason why i almost abandend Twitter.

Now with the SOCIAL POST feature things have changed. I reach thousands of social media followers on autopilot, and you would too, even if you don't have those accounts.

Well worth spent my money and I did not regret using The Downliner up to date. Since launch I do get more and more signups into my BIZ amd as more the coop community grows it wil be even more.

You may follow me into The Downliner, but you may want to scroll up first and read how this marketing coop works and how to get the most out of it.

Here is my most recent proof that TDL works!

How does THE DOWNLINER (TDL) work!

Since The Downliner (TDL) is built from scratch with a uniquely customized script, I like to explain a bit more how TDL works.

The first step is of course joining TLB which is free. Depending on your upgrade you will receive a certain amount of POINTS every month. As free member obviously less than upgraded but even as free member you will have a fair chance to receive points while promoting the coop 1:1 i say thats fair enough!

After you made the decision to remain free or become an upgraded member you can simply start to expose your biz.

Next Steps at TDL

Fill your profile complete include your usernames for your social networks as well as much you have.

The center of getting along with TDL is of course the dashboard where you see all options you have, which kind of advertising is active, your remaining points etc.

Very handy everything is shown at one page.

Then simply look into the SHOP ( at the header menu) you will see a variety of advertising options, Text and banner campaigns, website exposure, login exposure and what is most important for me the SOCIAL POSTS. You alos will see how many Points you have left and you can avail one of the above methods to promote your BIZ.

If you have chosen to remain free you could even BUY Points to give it a test without paying for an upgrade.

The Downliner also offers you to built your own customized splash and if you want, it will be available for you in your affiliate toolbox, as then you could promote TDL while you introduce your favorite program.

Any more questions?

TDL has its own skype group you may join here.

Alternative Coops

If you are already member at TDL you may still want more and more exposure for your advertisements. A cool way to spread your squarebanners all across the net is offered by my own network.

It's not a coop more a network where your squanners are being exposed at prominent adspaces. MOst owners who have joined and decided to display your ads, have your square right in front their members eyes on the login page. You can't get a more prominent spot for your Square banners.


GLOBALADEXCHANGE is my second COOP where i am member at. This one is based on the common ventrino script and you may recognize how easy that works too. TOO bad it does not have the SOCIAL POST feature.