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Computta insights

I am testing Computta now since more than a year. At the beginning there were a lot of warnings that the software may contain malware or virus. Now computta is whitelisted by the most common Anti Virus programs and still sometimes you will get a false positve.

I personally protect my PC with bullguard, a great software. The miner is installed at our son's PC since the early beginning of computta, no harm or whatsoever has occured. Since they do update the miner it even works more efficient.

For what I have experienced, computta is running smoothly and no intrusive or strange behavior ever happened to my PC.

After you have downloaded the miner from Computta you will first see a benchmark test, wich gives you a rough estimation of how much your PC will mine, then i recommend that you open the settings and choose how much power your PC should use to mine. For my PC the 90% option has turned out to be the best. I can easy keep working while the PC is mining.

How to get paid?

That's the easy and fun part! You login to your Computta Dashboard there you will see this:

A link to your wallet appears as soon you reached the payout minnimum. Transfer the balance to your Wallet and keep it there or withdraw it to your own BTC wallet right away.

After the payment is complete, you will see the above information.

All good, then go ahead and find out how much your PC will mine while you work!

You think your PC is too old for that? scroll up and read about Cryptotab or go on reading here about the jse coin!

The JSE coin just started to be available at the market after the successful launch, it works as well in the browser but is implemented in the javascript, so it does not use big amounts of your computers ram, in the moment the value of 1 JSE is below 0.001 USD, but... i already have mined 10000 coins and thats just great, if it would ever hit the 1.00 value then... you get the picture, and mining it is free. Start mining the new JSE coin.

The only new coin which already can be used to go shopping, the developers are way ahead of the most alt coins available that is why i keep mining it. I could buy an amazon coupon value 5 USD for 2703 JSE coins today or 1 year web hosting for 80000 JSE today, just as example that this coin already has merchants available, you could even become one of those! Here is the market where one can buy using jse coins

Take a look how JSE performs in the market. See the graphic at the right? more than 100 percent during the first 2 weeks. Mine JSE now it's free and consider to buy you some as long the price is below 1 USD. Your money is better spend as with a lottery ticket.

CryptoTab insights

Before I installed CryptoTab at my new PC i made my first withdrawal of 0.0004 BTC, that worked fast. So no doubt they pay.

This time I did not just install the app at my pc but as well downloaded the CryptoTab browser which just works like any other browser like chrome. Since then it is much more effective.

My recommendation

Download the browser, do NOT make it as default, do NOT synchronise it with your other browsers. Leave it always open as soon you on your PC and use this browser only for every sort of crypto related program, this way, you can easy work with your other browsers without getting side tracked and you can open all your crypto related TABS in just one step.

Here you see how fast my browser mines while i keep working.

With the CryptoTab browser i wil reach my next payout even more faster. Proof will follow.

The mining with the browser is smooth, not intrusive and when you know how high the hurdles are to get into the Googl's App store, then i had no doubt that it is save.

Can you do both - Computta and CryptoTab?

Yes you can. Since Computta works together with your graphic card and CryptoTab uses the CPU power, both apps run smoothly simultaniously.

Is it worth your time to promote?

Having people in your downline is always a good idea. Both apps reward members with a rewarding commission and you can reach the payout even faster.

If you have build your list with AIOP do not hesitate to invite them, when you introduce people to something what really works, they will learn to know you and appriciate your work. Smiling followers are buyers.

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