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Bitcoins and other crypto currencies

Believe or not, I did not even had a Bitcoin wallet until Paypal scrutinized our line of business.

That was in August 2016. Since then I did a lot of researches about crypto coins like Bitcoin.

Created my wallet and since then I just love it, as my internet based wallet allows me to fund my Payza account using the Bitcoins.

Then I was reading much more about how to earn while mining bitcoins and found out that nowadays to start mining BTC is getting more and more a hard task, as in fact miners are competitors, mining is basically the transaction approval process and as more people are already mining as less each will be able to mine.

That had turned me off.

Then I found those “new crypto currencies, and a lot of them turned out not even to have a real coin behind it, no value at all, just scamming people. Coins without even having a blockchain and no wallet as well.

That turned me even more off.

So I just kept using my BTC wallet and I am happy with it as stated above.

Then I met Bruce Bates, I mean I know him since years, his campaigns and his posts about online marketing. When I saw his first blog post about MCC ( he created a crypto currency) I finally decided to hook up with him at SKYPE.

Finally I met someone who could explain that whole thing to me, being honest and directly, I gathered so much knowledge in just a few days that I am now able to make up my own mind.

I joined his MarketersCoop, which is more than just about the COIN thing, its a huge summary of marketing ideas, tools and a very clever way to build just a list. Giving away a free traffic exchange script to just achieve that.

One of the most valuable features is the SEO fail-safe article exchange.

I made use of the article exchange right away, and I am sure my own website clients will like the idea that I can produce now highly effective back links to their sites with 100 percent non artificial links to their sites. Wondering if I should charge them extra lol.

MCC - Coin Mining as a business

Since I learned that mining can be done from any pc with at least 2 cores ( Intel works better than AMG) the new MCC currency created by Bruce and founders, I figured that it is a huge opportunity to be a miner, as the competition is of course very low at the start.

Don't get me wrong, I also know that to launch a new currency bears a risk like every other business, but BTC started slow as well and is now established world wide, even the US Government makes use of it.

MCC is not yet traded in public and still at the beginning, but it has all features which BTC has already, a wallet, a blockchain.

The wallet for now is available only offline ( means you can download it to your PC), but the developers are working on an internet based solution as well.

The number of MCC is limited to 100,000,000 like a piece of property. As more it is going to be used as currency to buy products and becomes widely accepted as payment option as faster those numbers will be sold, and the trade will happen just like it does with BTC. An opportunity for the future for those who start mining at this early stage that's how I see it.

To learn more about it simply join the MarketersCoop, after you made your way in, look around, contact me at skype and we can chat together with the owner/founder of MCC.

Have you ever met a currency founder before?

Now you can!

No matter if you are only interested in the stunning article exchange feature or the social exchange, if you want to operate your own traffic exchange, or seriuously considering to become one of the first MCC Crypto coin miner, you can decide all of it, after you have joined the MarketersCOOP.

Marketers Cooperative affiliate bannerOne more thing, members (even free ones) can collect MCC crypto rewards while reading, surfing and writing.

Take your time, and talk to us.

SKYPE: klausbiesel


Not yet ready for the new MC Coin?

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If I had known that mining is that easy, no energy costs, no expensive cooling in my house to keep a mining server running and also no noise, I'd be a miner for a long time. But as you see it's never too late.