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Bitcoins and other crypto currencies

Believe or not, I did not even had a Bitcoin wallet until Paypal scrutinized our line of business.

That was in August 2016. Since then I did a lot of researches about crypto coins like Bitcoin.

Created my wallet and since then I just love it, as my internet based wallet allows me to fund my Payza account using the Bitcoins. The wallet I use is FREE and nobody forces me to do any trading or promoting and it kepts my PC from strange looking software.

Then I was reading much more about how to earn while mining bitcoins and found out that nowadays to start mining BTC is getting more and more a hard task, as in fact miners are competitors, mining is basically the transaction approval process and as more people are already mining as less each will be able to mine.

That had turned me off.

Then I found those “new crypto currencies, and a lot of them turned out not even to have a real coin behind it, no value at all, just scamming people. Coins without even having a blockchain and no wallet as well.

That turned me even more off.

So I just kept using my BTC wallet and I am happy with it as stated above.

Then I met people online at SKYPE and they explained a lot to me, even if they couldn't earn anything from just helping me to understand virtual coins like BTC.

One of those people is Merry. I followed her a lot we tested and failed and finally She and her Partner Mark decided to make it right. Offering people a new and FREE opportunity to understand crypto, to earn crypto and on top of it combining it with marketing tools which even earn you coins while you make use of them.

CHECK it out:

FreeCoins4all shows you how to get closer to you finally making some cash with Crypto and Co.



Claiming instead of mining

A good friend invited me to test Moondash Its free, one only needs to log in and claim the dash curency. Once a day or as often you want it. Here is how it works:

You join coinpot first, that is where you trade your moondash into BTC and withdraw them to your BTC wallet.

Then you join Moondash and You only need to make use of the same email which you have used to join coinpot.

Then you are literally ready to go. You see that CLAIM button, press it as often you like every day and see your balance in coinpot rising. If you do that every day, you are able to get an extra bonus up to 100 percent for you loyalty and you earn 25 percent from what your referrrals have claimed. Hereis what i do: I keep the moondash window in my browser, claim the dash every hour or so, and done.

TIP: After you have claimed the dash coin, you may consider to convert it into DOGE coin. That one is new and low in value right now. But if that value increases over time you can gain a lot. Example i had 0.00015000 dash coin, and now 11.00 Doge coin, if that value of that coin rises to just 1 usd it woud be 11 USD instead of 10 cent if it would still be the dash.

The ads are pretty much annoying also the fact that sometimes they pop up twice b4 you can finally claim. But considering it's free and they paid me now 3 times already.

Since you are already signed up with coinpot you can claim:

Dogescoins BTC LITECOIN BTCcash as well

It's free so no harm in trying, easy to work with too.

It does not take long to claim a value of 5 bucks, of course if you invite a few more people into the above programs, it is faster, but considering the high loyalty bonus of up to 100% if you claim daily, you will be able to do it all alone if you don't wanna spend time promoting.

You may think that this are all breadcrumbs and yes you are right, but what if all those breadcrumbs will create you a loaf?

Do you have a fast PC?

If you have a fast PC and want to start mining 100% FREE + starting with 1mBTC,then install the smart miner to your COMPUTTA

You need a windows x64 version and you are ready to go. Invite others you will get rewarded for your effort. It's a new company, so expect that everybody is as much curious as I am!


My PC is an old fart, that is why I keep doing the automining with GENESIS that works for me!

I could not resist to install the computta miner software at the PC of our son. Even though it's a gaming PC with additional graphic card memory, it seemed still not really fast enough. So if you want, try it by yourself, watch the benchmark test while you install the miner and see if your PC is being predicted to mine at least some mBTC worth 20 bucks or more. We are living in stone age obviously :) you may not :)

My experiences so far with Computta.

My Pc still does not make the cut, but i have invited a few people which i know to test it. I was lucky that one of them promoted the heck out of it and so far i have 57 subaffiliates in my 2nd and 3rd level. That in summary produces between 0.03 and 0.08 mBTC per day. Seems a lot have installed the software in their offices, as during the week the number of mining downline members is double that high as it is on Weekends.

There are still some problems between the account dashboard and the mining software. The synchronization does not always work as it should, and the mining software sometimes keeps failing to connect with the companies system. It's Beta and it looks like they solved the synchronization issue.

Computta does pay, here is there link to the payments made via blockchain.

Took me 5 month only to withdraw a value worth 100 bucks and they PAID!

Do YOU have an old PC?

Since I can not make use of computta at my own PC, i was looking for a mining software which will work with a simple laptop or PC which is that old that it still has only win x32 running.

I found the minergate, which is online for some years now and works a bit different as all i have tested. It mines several different e-currencies and will automatically mine the coin, which has the best exchange rate during the last hour. Later one can exchange all those different coins into BTC and withdraw it to your wallet.

How much do I earn? I don't know yet, I just started after i was introduced to it by a fellow marketer, and for now I do not really care, as it is free and finally i can let my PC work in the background while i am working. That is in average 12 -16 hours which i spend while the PC is running anyway, so that does not cost me energy at all.

I just hated the fact that my PC simply did nothing for me while everybody else obviously started to mine e-currencies. It is running very smooth, it does not effect my work at all, so what the heck, i will look into it in a while and keep you updated. If your PC or laptop is an old fart like mine, you may look into this opportuinty as well.


CRYPTO TAB pays , the fastest growing browser mining network powered by 2 giants in the industry. The APP can be downloaded FREE at FF and Chrome. Works like clockwork. I am testing it at different devices, so far no issues at all. I suggest you download the app and start collecting free btc right away.

Invite some freinds and family to do the same, or create your own splashpage and promote it in traffic exchanges and safelists. Earn from their earnings and you reach your first cash out way faster.

BTC mining on autopilot

Become a BTC miner today! Genesis Mining offers a hands free BTC mining opportunity which starts at 30 bucks for life!

All you need to do is signup, decide how much hashpower you want, add your BTC wallet to your account and get paid what you have mined directly into your wallet. Day by Day!

I have recently started to mine BTC. I put 60 bucks in and it started working right away. My BTC wallet is growing. Not exactly a get rich opportunity, but since it's for life, there is nothing to loose.

If you like to try it, simply follow this link to signup at Genesis mining, fill out your profile, put your BTC wallet into it, and while you purchase your hashpower for

Open-Ended Bitcoin Mining

make use of this CODE: 1glR7U it gives you a 3% discount on your first purchase.



After starting to use this absolutely hands free bitcoin mining service, those net payouts are going to my BTC Wallet every 24 hours.

If I had known that mining is that easy, no energy costs, no expensive cooling in my house to keep a mining server running and also no noise, I'd be a miner for a long time. But as you see it's never too late.

Here you can follow my progress and see how much i already cashed back from my initial $60 it works faster as expected! I started mining Febr. 11. 2017

My invested money already came back after 7 month!!

Earlier as estimated, but i can consider myself as lucky, as BTC had an alltime high and I used the opportunity to sell the mined shares to a high price.

The average return of investment is estimated by 14 month. 6 month for me is luck, it does not neccesarly mean if someone goes in now, that it's gonna be that fast too.

Compared to other online mining services, which have an average of 22 month for return of investment, Genesis seems to be the better choice.

GENESIS still keeps paying to me.

NEW online currency, you can start mining using your browser and build your funds even without investing!

The JSE coin is coming soon, REGISTER NOW, start mining and grow your funds until the ICO goes live! I am testing it and since it doesn't cost anything not even ressources while mining with my browser, you may follow me and observe how it goes! TIP: Use a second browser and leave that window open so it continues mining while you work with your other browser!

Website owners or those who have a hosting acccount such as AIOP HOSTING, have an additional way to mine, while promoting their favorite sites via a splash or squeeze page, both methods will work.

Here is how it looks like in my dashboard, you see i earn coins while promoting.

This way you mine and profit from the traffic you produce while promoting. From now your traffic will convert 100 percent. If they don't signup for your favorite program they at least helped you mining :)