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Bitcoins and other crypto currencies

Believe or not, I did not even had a Bitcoin wallet until Paypal scrutinized our line of business.

That was in August 2016. Since then I did a lot of researches about crypto coins like Bitcoin.

Created my wallet and since then I just love it, as my internet based wallet allows me to fund my Payza account using the Bitcoins. The wallet I use is FREE and nobody forces me to do any trading or promoting and it kepts my PC from strange looking software.

Then I was reading much more about how to earn while mining bitcoins and found out that nowadays to start mining BTC is getting more and more a hard task, as in fact miners are competitors, mining is basically the transaction approval process and as more people are already mining as less each will be able to mine.

That had turned me off.

Then I found those “new crypto currencies, and a lot of them turned out not even to have a real coin behind it, no value at all, just scamming people. Coins without even having a blockchain and no wallet as well.

That turned me even more off.

So I just kept using my BTC wallet and I am happy with it as stated above.

Then I met people online at SKYPE and they explained a lot to me, even if they couldn't earn anything from just helping me to understand virtual coins like BTC.

Since then I am a miner as well, using one of the recommended sources which allows me to mine handsfree. So i don't need to install any software at my pc and i do not have to work for it myself.


BTC mining on autopilot

Become a BTC miner today! Genesis Mining offers a hands free BTC mining opportunity which starts at 30 bucks for life!

All you need to do is signup, decide how much hashpower you want, add your BTC wallet to your account and get paid what you have mined directly into your wallet. Day by Day!

I have recently started to mine BTC. I put 60 bucks in and it started working right away. My BTC wallet is growing. Not exactly a get rich opportunity, but since it's for life, there is nothing to loose.

If you like to try it, simply follow this link to signup at Genesis mining, fill out your profile, put your BTC wallet into it, and while you purchase your hashpower, make use of this CODE: 1glR7U it gives you a 3% discount on your first purchase.

After starting to use this absolutely hands free bitcoin mining service, those net payouts are going to my BTC Wallet every 24 hours.

If I had known that mining is that easy, no energy costs, no expensive cooling in my house to keep a mining server running and also no noise, I'd be a miner for a long time. But as you see it's never too late.

I started 3 month ago and it still keeps putting me BTC into my wallet. 25 bucks of my 60 are already back.

I did not join all of those promising "surf for btc" offers, most of them are just looking shady to say the least. An i hate clicking every day anyway.

While I was getting involved with TDL I met the owner of Infinity Traffic boost and he convinced me to try his program. Kinda different from all the other hypes so i made it the only one BTC profit paying program to be involved with.