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All programs introduced have been online for a while and have proven to pay out.

However, any online business bears the risk of loosing money, some sites go offline and will not be available anymore.

Be advised not to spend money which you can't afford to lose.

Mailers and Safelists and classic Traffic exchanges

The risk to lose money while promoting those and using them for your own promtions is close to ZERO. If you like to start with safe and successful mailers, join TESTED and PROVEN, upgrade the mailers inside the DLB and promote them all at once. That opens multiple income Streams.

Wanna play save? Promote mailers and safelists with TAP.

Don't go out with strangers

my alternative article about how to avoid being scammed


Cash out as often you can

When ever you joined a new program, test it. Cash out as soon they say they will pay you. Take out as much you can and make sure, that your original investment comes back as quick as possible.

Then go on, keep smiling while you go to the bank, don't be mad if one program stops working, simply look for the next opportnity.

Spread the risk, put in 50 bucks at several programs do not roll the dice unless you are certain that's the one you want to go for! That's how I survive in the internet jungle!

Or bring your money to the bank and try to receive 1 percent a day. Well just kidding.

As more you cash out as more you reward yourself for working online. Do not expect too much, just be aware of risks but enjoy your extra income.

Revshare and my never ending story of frustration

I gave up on them. You should too!

here is the list of scams i had fallen for