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Does size really matter?

Make no mistake this is still a blog about marketing and yes referring to marketing only as there are much questions whether size matters or not.

Some say, marketing online is nothing but a numbers game, increase your number of website visitors, increase the number of emails you send exchange as much traffic as possible. That's kinda true and still, if you only get high numbers but no substantial quality numbers, the volume of traffic, or visitors has to be extraordinary high and you probably spend a lot of cash to achieve that. Is it worth it? Well, answer yourself!

Does the size of safelists matter?

YES and NO. Of course as more members you can reach as higher the odds to find new prospects for your business. But huge lists are only as good as their owners. Those lists which continue to grow and are well maintained by the owners are rare finds.

BULK mail offers like "reach 2 million people", have never ever delivered results for my campaign, so I'd say hands of even if its probably 50 bucks only.

In order to give you a short glimpse which lists are still growing and well maintained by their owners here is my list of recommendations.

Listjumper has 9000+ members, upgraded members can reach 6000 of them every 3 days without using credits, to reach the entire list even upgraded members have to read, not much, but still if you don't read you are limited.

Bestlistmailer is listed at TAP, you can reach 56k members every day on autopilot. BLM combines 3 lists where you do not even have to be member.

Herculist, has 76000+ members and continues to grow. Only GOLD members can email every day to the entire list.

TL2I has 6500+ members, unfortunately only the TOP level upgrade makes it worth to join and send mails unless you want to click your fingers bloody.

An old timer among the viral mailers is owned by Marty, her first mailer Email-Hog, had reached 10000 members, but Marty is very concerned about activity, and therefore only 5000+ are set to be active.

Your own active list of prospects - small or big?

Here is where it is getting interesting. Most marketers have been told that building a list as big as possible is the only way to succeed. So they put their auto-responder form to all their campaigns,

That, is not necessary wrong, but I prefer a small but responsive list.

You may want to read this page to know what I am doing to filter the just curious visitors from the real interested ones.

Are you a team player?

One of those who joined a lot of teams which are not even teams? Well, me too, then it turned out that I was just a number on a big big website rotator and my options to get any results through that team were melted down like snowflakes in the sun.

Not every MLM is really meant to be designed for real team at all, due to their compensation plans which do not really benefit those team players who promote in favor for their downline members.

One more example if size matters or not. The REAL TEAM at AIOP is small in numbers, but has TOP marketers and website owners among it.

A team which helps you to become a real team player and leader. Read more about how The real team at AIOP works.

Also visit this page and see what they are up to, which sources they use to grow their online business or simply to know with who you are team playing with.

one more way to get to know us is meeting us in our SKYPE room.