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Funnel your success

How to funnel referrals into your downlines?

After a while being online you will probably have signed up for more than just 1 program, maybe 3 or 5 different categories of programs already, such like SAFELISTS, Paid to click (PTC), Revenue Shares and traffic exchanges.

Now you are in a kind of dilemma aren't you? Which of the programs you want to promote first and you still have only those referral sources left which give you a certain number of credits or opportunities to get referrals from.

Well what you now need to do is funneling your efforts and increase the chances to promote each of the categories in the most efficient way. Means you need a funnel to build multiple down-lines by promoting only 1 – 3 programs to get all your categories filled with referrals and several sales channels opened at the same time. Otherwise you get lost.

Funnel your visitors let them subscribe to your blog.

Your Blog can be that funnel. Describe all the categories, each program and talk about your personal experience, do not just repeat the shiny description, which each program comes with. Your experience is what your readers want, not the regular BS how fast one can make money and that all is as easy as 1,2,3.

Give them the opportunity to subscribe to your blog, or tell them how to get in touch with you. Your contact details like email add, your G+ page where you can hangout with your visitors or skype where they can reach out to you.

Not everybody really has the skills to built up a blog, having it hosted with its own domain and setup auto-responders to get those subscribers. Well even then, you can built your funnel.

Make use of Downline Builders.

All DLB's have proven to me to be very effective, they lead you to more knowledge and open up resources which will help to get you the referrals you want. What I mean is paying referrals, not just free opportunity seekers. ALL owners of the introduced Downlinebuilder, take care of your business.

Once you have filled your ID's into the Downlinebuilder, you only need to promote. The owners will then help you to make your downlines fill the DLB as you did. You do not even contact them by yourself. It will all be done for you.


Safelists and Traffic Exchanges!

I am quite sure that a lot of you have already heard about ZUBEES. The fastest growing incentive network for those who just love to surf and read for rewards. Safelists and Trafficexchanges (TE) have zubees instead of cash incentives.

If Safelists and Traffic Exchanges are a big part of your business, well you only promote the Zubeedownlinebuilder, a great DLB + TE to show your referrals where they can find the most valuable zubees.

It's not just fun, it works.

Upgrade before you start promoting a DLB!


Downlinebuilder (DLB) to funnel your success!

For each category of programs you have signed up for, there is a specialized downline builder available.

Safelists and mailers!

If you have signed up for the best working email marketing sources, then TestedandProven (TAP) will be your first choice to promote all this great working safelists and mailers at one single place. Inside TAP you also find indispensable tools to further grow your business.

Most professional online Marketers make use of TAP even if they just want to see, which sources are actually working better than average and will upgrade in those, where they haven't yet. TAP is 100% FREE no charges at all!

Customizable Downline Builder

If you haven't yet built up a very big arsenal of marketing resources, and are member in only few programs of each category, than the FREE downline-builder of the GT Marketing Group is highly recommended just to get used to it how all works.

The GT Marketing Group holds a variety of strong referral sources for you at stock and you are allowed to add your own favorite programs for each category into the customizable DLB. Later on, you may decide to take the affordable upgrade and add even more programs of your own.

With the upgrade comes the opportunity to get your square banner advertising seen at prime spots of the GT Marketing groups expanding network of unique referral sources. To join there is free, but you will make a lot more commission aside when you chose to upgrade and promote.

How to add your own programs to a customizable Downlinebuilder!

It is not so hard to add your own programs to a DLB, but to stand out you may want to do better than just simple!

Add your personal opinion and introduce your favourite program like a PRO. Add some salt to the soup :)

download "HOW to add your programs to a DLB"


Now you got your funnel prepared, instead trying mission impossible to promote 10 - 50 programs of yours, you only need to focus at 1 - 3 downlinebuilder to get you multiple signups and sales.

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