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Email marketing to grow your Amazon biz!

Why email marketing is a great way to expand your affiliate business?

People like you, who are online marketers do make use of countless email services and safelists. That also means, they are used to purchase online, and they are open for new and great deals. They are spending a lot of time at home and do a lot of online shopping.

How does email marketing work?

First of all, remember that you have a gmail account for your online business. It is best for email marketing and often the only choice for you to work with, as a lot email services won't work without gmail.

You will sign up for email services of your choice, fill out the signup forms, and then you will receive a verifiaction mail for each program you signed up for. Inside that mail, you find a link to verify that it is you who opened that account. This procedure is called double-opt in. If you found a service which does not let members verify, be advised to not make use of it.

Most services are credit based, means one needs to read some emails to collect credits to be able to send emails. That insures that members of this programs stay active. The majority of programs offers a free option. Which is good to start with and make the first steps into email marketing.

Do not spam!

Only send mails to people who have agreed to receive them.

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How to find email marketing services which work?

Since there are countless email services out there, you may want to save some time and perhaps money. We also have developed TESTED and PROVEN, which is a 100% free service, where we have listed the best available email marketing sources. Our service is similar to others, but we actually provide proof.

We also provide you with a lot of tips and tricks which we have learned over the years.

Feel free to signup with us using the link above. Contact us at any time if you have questions. The best way to reach us is

skype: klausbiesel or pennyc1226

We never ever call or contact you, if you don't ask for it!

If you like, we can introduce you to other serious online marketer. Provide you with connections and help you to find groups where you can meet serious people who help and are willing to spend time to answer questions to improve your online business.

If you are just getting started, you realy should begin with joining TAP as the sources there are delivering signups and sales more than average.

Not yet ready to start with 15 mailers which are introduced in TAP? Well if you still want to get started, you may start with SOLO advertising Email-services, such like shown at the left. GSM and BMA are far most the best networks. GSM guarantees 500 unique views for each SOLO you send and BMA delivers 500 -800 views per mails, not guaranteed but according to my stats very steady!