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Too good to be true?

Everybodycanearnmatrix is part of the Greatbitcoinstrategies and is driven by the Task Force Echo team, know for several team building venture such as for AIOP or Infinity Push Pays4ever and Coach Kris actually also leads people into his power of 5 system.

This page is not about how a 2x2 Matrix works as we already know that one needs 36 paid members in the downline structure and at least 2 paid refs in the first level in order to get paid the first time, this is more a great opportunity to test the team work.

Should be an easy task, as the Matrix just launched. It had 53 members before the official launch at July 18 and so there is a lot of room to get those paid referrals while the teamlink is being promoted.

The above screen-shot shows what they are up for and promise to each who joins via the teambuild splash.

Owner and Admin take care that everybody gets at least 2 paid referrals, means if I get my first 2 paid referrals those will be taken care of as well. They call it "controlled" Matrix.

Here are the instructions, given after you filled the form at the teamlink:

"Our process is simple for each team mate to follow by signing up on the form ABOVE. You will receive a link by email from our support team. You will have 24hrs to sign up in order to be placed into our rotation. Once completed with registration into our team as a team mate. You will be given a Team Promotion Link to advertise to help build up our leads list for the "Next In Line" Team mate. This is a control Team Building Project to help everyone gain 2 referrals to earn and maximize our compensation plan at Everyone Can Earn Matrix. That is why we want everyone to promote the Team Promotion Page and not their personal link."

Seems to work different from a forced matrix, where one promotes his own account, and then when the first level is filled the incoming referrals would spill over to those in the 1 level until the entire matrix with 36 members is filled.

Unfortunately, so far there is not much information available on site. Also, there isn't any explanation how the teamsplash works, nor what is meant about "controlled" matrix.

Well we don't judge a book by it's cover do we?

Information is given in different chat rooms either by members or Coach Kris himself so that will do it to have some basic information.

Here is one information given by Coach Kris: click on it to enlarge it!

Here is what Owner Karen informed about after the script had been changed to a better one. (click on it to enlarge it)

If you are member of the TEAM do not use your personal link!

This is important to know:

Be aware when you promote the team link, that those who signup for it will signup under an autoresponderform of Caach Kris, they will then destribute a link for what they call "next in line member". That isn't neccesary YOU but one other team member.

Also you will not have the information who joined due to your effort. This leads are only available for Coach Kris, and he can make use of them for other purposes not YOU.

You are not building YOUR list!

If you want to catch the leads for your own purposes, you may consider to create your own landing page and promote your own link, should be easy to fill your Matrix, if you know 2 people, who know two people as well. It might even be faster as when you read above the information of Coach Kris, you may need patients, easy enough to compute how long you may have to wait!

However, I have started to promote the teamsplash and to produce 500 hits to it within a week to remain on the team to receive my 2 paid referrals. Even if there are no rules I find it fair that everybody does his or her best to promote the teamlink.

Like in the other teams lead by Task Force Echo one needs to track those hits and deliver proof, well not a problem at all since we have tracking services and professional rotators on hand introduced by GBS as well.

If you like the idea of Team powered income increase, then simply join via the team building project, follow the instructions and you are set up.

Here you will find more updated stats about the Everyonecanearnmatrix as soon available.

For now:

within 36 hours after launch 16 more members have joined, which is a bit disappointing, but it may be related to the missing teamlink right after official launch. That is now available and it should speed up now much faster as everybody who is in that team produces at least 500 views per week! I will keep you informed about how my own account works out and when the team-splash has filled my downlines.

If you want to know how many members have joined and are paid members, then take a loook at the homepage url at the right side. This screenshot was taken

July 27 2017

Team members are being asked to promote the TEAMLINK only and produce at least 500 hits a week!

500 views accomplished in just few hours! July 20 2017

If you just need some fast views to fullfill your team requirement then Trafficadbar just does it for you/ As upgraded member get guaranteed 4000 views each month. I do not even have to click the entire day :)

You can as well not just let your team do all the work, but instead promote your own affiliate lonk for your ECE-Matrix. This way you can earn faster and you may be able to create your own team as well. Simple find 2 people who know 2 people and you would already have your first level filled.

Therefor you may look at TESTEDandProven sources which deliver more than average.


This is a great opportunity to find out how the strategies at GBS work out and I am quite tempted to do the power of 5 system guided by Coach Chris.

The Power of 5 is you advertising for 100 prospects. Out of those 100 you should find 5 to 10 people as an example. You will work with only 5 and pass the other 5 on to your next potential team leader or helping your first direct 5.

But let's do the matrix team work first and give it a real work out and witness the capability of a great team and a highly engaged Coach Kris, who spreads a lot of confidence about the success of his guiding hands.

If you like you can share your own experiences and comments about the Matrix and the other teams where you work with inspired by GBS and the Task Force Echo.

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