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Exclusive Offer for Leasedadspace members!

Join at GT Marketing Group, purchase one of the lifetime (lifetime is only available until we reached 1000 active paid members) offers to display your Square banner ads at prominent adspaces at sites you may not even heard about yet. Receive 5000 or 12000 credits each month.

This is for LAS members only

on top of your upgrade i will add 50,000.00 credits which you can add to your square banners.

After upgrading, simply send a ticket with your username at LeasedAdspace (LAS). I am going to add the 50k credits within 72 hours. ( mention that you came via this blog)


Your ads will be shown at sites which you may not even know yet. No need to join those it is done for you.

Your campaign will be even displayed while I or other members promote GTM. Simply clever marketing!

Why exclusive for LAS members?

LAS has delivered so much results and cash to me and my downlines, that 'd like to share my success with you. But in order to maintain the high quality of the square banner exposure I simply can't spoil every member with tons of extra credits. So it has to be exclusive for a certain number of people. I have chosen the members of LAS.

There is no way that you can get this big advantage from somewhere else.

It is exclusive for LAS members!

Still, this page may be go away, as soon we have reached 1000 active paid members at the GT Marketing group.

Join leasedadspace

If you have reached this page but have not yet joined LAS, this is your opportunity, to join the fastest growing community of online marketers.

Do not let this be one of those programs, you wished you had joined two years earlier.. join now.