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Expose your advertising to professionals is unique. A professional traffic exchange where your advertising is getting the exposure and results you desire. Your websites will be exposed to paid members only. 15 seconds in front of surfers who will have to pay attention and can not just click and surf your valuable credits away.

Even better everybody can surf only 15 minutes per day and still receives enough exposure. Means finally you do not need to click 24/7/365.

The settings are equal for every member. That insures the high quality of traffic and the activity of members who have paid to get their ads seen.

Here is a glimpse of what you get!

JAW dropping 2:1 traffic ratio + text and banner bonus! 15 seconds exposure for each of your ads! Your Banner and Text ads highly exposed as well! 100 percent cheat free traffic from professionals to professionals. All members are being treated equal. Same surf ratio - same surf timer!

Affordable lifetime membership available.

The traffic exchange settings are subject to be adjusted every 500 active registered professional members. That insures that you always get the optimized amount of exposure for your paid membership. Long time exposure delivers results.

Here is a screenshot of my tracked sign ups.

You noticed the low traffic for my campaigns? Yes low but ….. take a look at the conversion.

Feel free to join if you haven't yet.

Pro only guarantees a cheat free environment for your ads

Cheaters don't pay! Robots have nothing to surf for. Ensuring a high value for your credits, non of them are going to be wasted.

Also as there are no cash rewards or any kind of incentives, professional members only see your ads while they are exposing their ads to you.

There is no artificial traffic at all, only real people who are professional marketers who either paid for an upgrade which gives them a few more monthly credits or the opportunity to receive more commission for their promotional efforts.

If you don't want one of those upgrades, you only pay $14.95 for life to be part of a group of highly motivated entrepreneurs.

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Money well spend considering the high value of your membership.




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at SKYPE: has been developed and launched by the GTmarketing group, a professional banner network and members who like genuine marketing tactics.