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Why joining GreatBitcoinStrategies?

You may wonder why I have joined and upgraded to this downline and teambuilder, Greatbitcoinstrategies ( GBS) since I co-own tested and proven and have the GT marketing group (GTM) in place as well.

That's quite simple, as every Downline builder has a different purpose!

While Tested and Proven has the focus of email advertising sources and shows which sources perform better than average, the Gtmarketing group DLB is mainly an improved square banner network and introduces those programs and sites which are displaying those banners at premium advertising slots and not just somewhere at the footer hidden for most visitors.

The DLB of GBS is very much more advanced. It goes beyond just downline building.

The GBS team and there members work constantly together, improving not just their own program, but as well exchange knowledge with members of how and where to earn recurring income. It's not one of those full of empty promises, they actually have a real strategy for everyone who joins and sticks with them. The portfolio is well thought through and does not overwhelm you with too many steps at a time.

One could just take those steps one at time but to take full advantage of it and earn the most possible commission just while you promote GBS you should consider to purchase the LIFETIME PRO membership right at the start.

It's not a must but it makes a lot of sense.

GBS is best for starters who haven't yet begun to funnel their success, but as well for professionals, who want to strengthen their income opportunities and widen up their own portfolio.

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Inside the DLB is build up in 5 steps and in each Step (level) you find programs like AIOP and others who make you a recurring income month by month. Also you will find different advertising sources about where and how to promote your GBS business.

The owners also take under consideration every members personal skills and experience , so the most advanced members will find some more advanced programs in every of the 5 PRO levels (steps).

What did impress me the most so far is their social component which one can not find that often. Members gathering together in skype groups, meeting their sponsors, others and step by step they become leaders themselves. That does make it more than just a downline builder, it is team building at a glance. Oh YES, they know much more about BITCOIN and Co, so I better shut up about it until I have caught up at this particular matter. Read more about downline builders to funnel your success.