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Guaranteed opened mails!

Sending mails to thousands of people and you don't get the results you expect? Getting no one to read your mails? Well, you may have a look at our make love not ads page and read how you can improve your mails by creating headlines and content which catch attention there is a free tool available which lets you check the emotional and intellectual value of your headlines. A great tool.

What if you were guaranteed that up to 500 people will actually read your offers - wouldn't that be great? Really knowing - not just hoping for?

Where to get guaranteed opened mails?

Marty Petrizza has 2 approaches to actually accomplish that for you. Giving you guaranteed 500 unique opened mails not just clicks. Those are really guaranteed opened mails. If you make use of this service and your mail does not get the guaranteed amount of opened mails, your mail will be send to her entire Network until "Mission is accomplished".

You can read more about GUARANTEEDSOLOMAILS.

The second program is called Guaranteedmails with a slightly different approach. There you will get your valuable credits back if your mail did not receive the guaranteed amount of opened mails. This way your credits can be used again.

It really does not happen very often that your mails haven't reached the guaranteed numbers of readers, but it's good to know that in case it failed to have not wasted credits at your end.

Honestly sometimes I just hope that the counter stops at 198 opened mails lol, so I just can try it again.

Not yet member? Get in here. Not sure if you want to upgrade? Well buy one Solo and see for yourself how much you can benefit from a mailing service like this.

You may find the top upgrades at both programs a bit pricy but if you bring it into relation for what you can get for life or within a year, it breaks down to pennies. It is not a coincidence that both programs are listed as Tested and Proven source.

Guaranteed active members receiving your mails!

More and more owners have recognized that it is far more important to have active members than just a high member count.

What sense does it make to let you mail to hundreds of people who are inactive, probably having set up a mail address where your mails will never be opened?

What does it mean to let you send your mails to active members only?

If a member HAS NOT logged in to their account OR clicked to read any links in mails in a defined period of time they will be automatically unsubscribed from receiving emails.

At HIQmailer this mod is even more customized and any banner & text ads will be paused until the member logs in to the site and re subscribes to receive mails.

This avoids that literally uninterested members can take any advantage of the service and active members can be assured not wasting any credits. The mod at HIQmailer is actually set to 14 days. Means your mails reach members only who have logged in or read mails within the last 14 days.

At WEM I still handle those settings manually that explains that far more than 5000 members have signed up but you can reach a maximum of 2600 members at the time I wrote this.

Gnana is doing it manually as well at Instantviralmailer.

Diane Mumm has set the inactivity mod to a time period of 30 days. Here you go.

Come back from time to time and see which other email-services have installed the mod or clean their lists periodically.