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The health and beauty trap

More and more programs are promising you if you sell health and beauty, you will get rich quick. All papperlapapp... or BS if you want it more straight.

Yes we all care for health, we all wanna be some how beauty, loosing some pounds or having more energy to burn, or want to improve our performance.

If you want to build a real biz the same rule applies:

Do not go out with strangers. (related article)

Choose a well known company which owns, not just the production and delivery facilities but the laboratories as well.

Most of those which are now popping up are not even owning any of the above! Theire wonder pills are made in China, relabeled and send to you under the companies name. Just don't fall for it.

Don't go out with strangers

No strangers at all - 40 years in business!

My wife Mary, recently decided from being a consumer only to participate at FOREVER LIVING. Selling the products which she and I are using ourselves since years.

No need to talk long here, as you will imagine I wrote her an entire blog. Just read there.

My splash to help her you may already have noticed