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How much promotion is enough?

Do you ever wonder why some people seem to get referral after referral while you find it hard to get one? There are plenty of ways to improve your signup rate but by far the biggest reason for lack of results is the size of your audience. Simply put, to get a lot of referrals you need to do a lot of promoting.

That may seem obvious but many marketers, especially newbies, drastically underestimate the amount of promotion you need to do to get results. .

When it comes to mailers, 1000 to 1500 views of your ad should get you at least 1 referral and maybe up to 5 depending on the quality of your email content and subject line, which is probably the most important factor in whether or not your email gets opened. That's actual views, not emails sent so it's the number of opens you should be counting. The better the quality of the site (good admin, real active members, sensibly-priced upgrades), the better the results you will get. That's the one thing all the sites in the TAP downline builder have in common - they are quality sites which deliver more than average signups.

So, how are you going to get all these views without spending all day at the computer clicking for credits? The more often you can mail to a good site and the more active members you can reach, the better your results will be.

That's where spending some money on upgrading really proves its worth, providing you choose the right sites. If you read our bi-monthly emails (of course you do :P), you will have noticed that Best List Mailer has taken the lead for referrals into TAP for weeks on end and this last fortnight has been no different. This is undoubtedly because upgraded members can set up their emails to go to four of Maryanne's lists automatically 3 times a day, reaching 10,000's of members every time. BESTLISTMAILER

At TAP you can also read the secrets of Penny and Klaus, some insides of what works and what doesn't

Only opened mails are good mails. What about you get guaranteed 300 -500 unique readers?

Promote your BIZ as TEAM

I wonder why some people really have failed to build their own website or blog yet. Isn't it right that one needs to introduce themselves and what the busines is about and how one can participate and expand it month by month? In real life business you would have at least a calling card wouldn't you?

Members of the REAL TEAM at AIOP have all the tools they need to build a blog, a biz and have the support of their uplines! Join one of us or visit a blog of our members, you find the links further down.

In the online world your blog or website is your calling card, so do not leave this out. Add as much social networks of your to it, and funnel all of them to your online calling card!

Do not just be an affiliate, become a business owner, start to lead, stop following.

Here you can read more why you want to have a blog or website.

Members of AIOP already know how important their own blog is to keep touch with their downlines. And they do have the means to promote their business. Some are that committed to AIOP that they decided to help others to build theirs.

Thanks to the clever designed compensation plan of AIOP, it's so much easier to sustain a monthly income, when you work together as team.

here you can read more about AIOP and the Team.

Here are blogs of members, which either just started or have been blogging and building their own list since years.

Take a look, so you have samples how your Blog could look like!

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