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Hypes and other risky ventures

Hypes / ponzi schemes bear alsways the risk that you loose all you have invested. If you don't have funds to gamble with, stay out of it.

Hypes are promising a igh return of investment without even promoting, pretending to have a great product, company idea, unique mining system or whatsoever.

There is no proof at all, most of the time the companies address and names of CEO's are even fake.

But why i still do it?

well at the start of a hype they will oay as promised and as long more and more people keep joining and spending as long they most certainly keep answereing you cash out requests. But make no mistake, at some point it will collapse and they will stop paying and finally disappear. Opening another similar program and start all over again.

If you do it too do not promote it public!

I beleive that it is very fair to tell people about the risks before someone joins and spends money into something which might die on the very next day, as we never know how long a hype will make it.

If you invite people do that personally and explain what it is about and also always inform about the risk. If you promote it in safelists or traffic exchanges, be fair enough and lead them to a blog like i do and or invite them to skype first befor they spend any money.

That is not just protecting your reputation and integrity as fellow marketer, it also prevents that those you referred get broken, just because they did not know about the risks or where blinded by their shiny offers.

Do open their eyes and mindset first.


Any questions?

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My risky ventures

October 25 2017 i bought myeself into laser online. Put 10 bucks into it and today November 7 i have already 20 bucks in my acount due to compounding. As i have set it on auto rebuy.

I will leave it that way until i have 50 bucks shoing there in my account, then i start to withdraw 10 bucks every month, what is left i am going to use to rebuy shares.

NOV 29. LASER turned out to be SCAM

My upline did invest much more at the start, a few weeks earlier and cashed out to his BTC wallet already 3 times of his initial investment. So he is out of the woods so to speak.

I can only gamble on a low budget and may not earn that much as he does until the entire hype will collaps.

My risk my loss, nobody else to blame as myself.