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Login ads – full page advertising

Just to clarify what we are talking about. Full page login spots are those pages which members will see after they logged in to a program. They are not the pages where you place your login credentials like username and password. At those pages owners sometimes place additional members advertising or they own recommendations.

Why login ads are so powerful?

The user who just logged in, will see your advertisement first, before he or she can do anything else on the site he just logged in. Means they see your AD without any other incentives beside that sometimes they even get a small reward like credits.

Some owners do allow members to even comment on your advertising, so they do interact already twice with your recommended program.

The great advantage is, that you do not have to be upgraded at the program where you intend to place a login advertisement. You simple buy a spot for 1 day or 1 week. Then you add your link to it, and your advertising will be displayed to all users who login during that time period.

What is the price for full page login advertising?

The prices for a one day exposure of your link do vary very much. At the right side of this page you see those programs, which I prefer to use and where I exactly know how much views I receive in average per day. That does not just depend on the amount of members at the program but even more important is how many members are active.

That's why I sometimes also place login advertising just to figure out how active members at mailers or traffic exchanges or other programs are before I make my decision to spend more money to upgrade my membership.

It's a cheap way of testing the waters, most important when I test older sources with a high number of members. They do not always have a lot active members, and the best way to find out is placing a login ad.

Programs with effective login ads!

This are my recommendations, as I use them myself and have access to the stats and results.


$7.50 for a full week

1000 views + in average



$3 1 day

150 views + in average



$7 for a fulll week

1000 views + in average



$2.50 1 day

250 views + in average



$8.95 for a full week

1200 views + in average



$3.00 1 day

300 views + in average


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