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What are the best Marketing channels?

As the graphic to the right shows, search engine results are the most efficient marketing channel, as people who come to your website or blog via page1 they are highly motivated to see what they have searched for. But it requires you to have a website. And not just like that, it also requires that your page will be found. That means you want to be a skilled webmaster.

CPC would be the second choice, but that can be quite costly for starters and would require your own website as well. CPC for example are the GoogleAdsense advertise-ments or those paid ads at Facebook. Cents per Click. PTC is cheaper and works almost the same way.

The 3rd best marketing channel is Email marketing. Here is the difficulty to find out which email marketing sources do really deliver results. Some are really free and do work, but most effective online email services do cost a yearly fee between $30 and $100. Which is quite reasonable if you consider that you can reach thousands of prospects every day. For starters this channel is most affordable and effective.

Email Marketing the right way!

Never ever spam people with unwanted mails. Make sure you do use services, where everyone involved has agreed to receive emails from you. It's not just that your reputation is on the line, beside that it is not legal at all, it can cost you your entire business. For instance serious affiliate programs would ban you right away. The terms and rules are very much clear about that, not just for Amazon affiliates.

Other Marketing Channels

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter and Banner Ads do work as well. Facebook is changing and turns the focus onto business related opportunities. Still far away from being a business platform, but a great way to start to make some sales by inviting friends and likeminded people into your business venture.

If you do use Facebook you have the opportunity to create a business related page (Fanpage) where you can invite Friends and Family. We recommend to keep private affairs strictly separated. But still you may want mention on your profile page that you have your own online business. There is nothing wrong to do so. But bothering or begging your friends constantly with business can be quite annoying and can turn against you.

Are we done yet?

Well, you may better keep reading. We have more detailed information for you about the marketing channels which we are using and how you make best use of them. Email marketing though is our focus and you will easily find out why.