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The Matrix of Leasedadspace explained.

NOTE: LAS has changed, it does not have the MATRIX structure. It has become a pure and awesome advertising platform!

Still quite a few people do keep asking how the matrix of Leasedadspace works. Here you can read the general details shown at LAS How it Works.

Let me try to tell you how the matrix works with my own words and the experience I gathered at Leasedadspace. To begin with you need to be active. Means you must have purchased at least Tier1 (level1). And of course you need to be a member. You may join under one of us.

When you promote LAS you will receive referrals. Take a look into YOUR referrals view. There you see all referrals which you brought in via your campaigns or the referrals who came in through your uplines efforts.

As long they haven't yet purchased Tier 1 they will remain at this page.

After they bought Tier 1, you will see them in your downline overview and you got paid 7 usd, (don't forget to approve the payments).

Now the matrix starts working the same referral which just made a purchase in your level 1 will be assigned to all members who have already purchased a higher Tier. You produce 6 x upspill with the same referral.

Every referral buys only once under each member.

Again, your first Tier (8 slots) will be filled by your promotions or by the effort of your uplines.

To earn more than 8x7 bucks, you need to have Tier2.

Now every referral you bring in who makes a purchase to start at Tier1 will pay to someone else under you, who haven't yet filled alll 8 slots at his or her Tier1.

The referral of yours will be assigned to your Tier2 only until your second level is full (64 slots). All other purchases which the same referral makes will be assigned to other members who have a higher Tier as you have.

And again this referral will only buy the Tier2 from you.

In general those who have purchase a higher level as only Tier2 have a higher chance to get the overspill of their uplines.

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Joining DLBelite only really makes sense if you are member in a lot of programs, if you just started your online venture, you better wait.

The most powerful tool to send your mails to thousands of members with just few steps. The time you save, is much more worth than the actual price for the upgrade!

AGAIN 4 refs from one mail 2 UPGRADED

Exlusive offer for LAS members

You'll may want to look here.

What happens when you have filled your 8 slots at Tier 1

If you want to make this work for you, and you are committed to Leasedadspace you better purchase Tier1 – Tier 3. Not that you now have 3 solo mails to send each month for a lifetime, you increase the chance to get your slots filled by your upline and downline drastically.

Take a look into my LAS account after 180 days

Members in tier1 8 (means its full)
Members in tier2 64 ( means its full)
Members in tier3 136
Members in Tier4 142
Members in Tier5 33
Members in Tier6 15
Members in Tier7 1

And here is why LAS has become the best homebiz opportunity in 2017

During 285 days since launch an average commission of 643.07 USD had been paid per day. That is exceptional. You will find no mailer with matrix attached which performs even close to LAS!

Which proofs that the product is still hot and the market is far away from being saturated. The potential is as high as nowhere else seen before. The demand is high!

My first 2 Tiers are FULL, now let's start filling yours!


What is most important to succeed with Leasedadspace

Join under someone you know who is known as TOP Promoter like those connected and shown at this teamsplash.

Motivate your referrals to promote. You can send them a mail. Important do not spam them with non LAS related content, you risk your account to be deleted no matter if you have paid or not. Consider to invite them to our LAS SKYPE GROUP.

If you have private contacts in your social networks or skype, approach them and invite them to LAS, keep in touch with them and encourage them to promote and purchase at least Tier 1 – Tier 3.

Keep promoting, keep focus at LAS it works!

There is proof that so far each mail sent brought at least 1 referral into my downlines.

Here are the programs which have LAS in their downline builders.

Whitelistemailmarketing ( more than just a mailer)

Ceomarketingpath ( pro only mailer)

Testedandproven ( DLB with proof)

HighIQmailer (active members guarantee )

Eatmyclicks (a stand alone free tracking program)

Downlinermaxx DLB provided by Darren Olander

DLB Elite DLB provided by Marty Petrizza

GTM Your Square banners at sites you do not even know

Instantviralmailer Gnana cares, mail to active members only

Special Delivery Mailer (SDM)

Goldenrose Mailer (Shielda owns SDM and GRM)

Traffic Flying




Zubeedownlinebuilder (category Business)

Listunlocked (owned by Kenny)

Fastlistmailer (owned by Kenny)

Easytrafficboost (owned by Kenny)

Listimpact (owned by Kenny)

Here is what TONY Tezak says about LAS. His TE feeds LAS as well. Great exposure anyway more than 100000 members.

If you are member of one of the above, make sure your ID's for LAS are correctly placed into the DLB.

If you own a program which comes with a downlinebuilder, feel free to contact me and i can place a link to it as well.