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Monetize your blog

Great, when you searched for this subject you probably already know that your blog is important for you and your business and probably have read already this article.

Since you have started your blog you certainly are eager to know how to make the best use of it and how to get visitors to your business represented by your new blog.

If you have created your blog to represent an offline business and sell products like my wife does or other services you have the opportunity to create some additional income by placing advertisements from amazon or google ad sense. That does not make much money right away, but as longer your blog is online and as more traffic you get to it, it will pick up.

DO NOT use GOOGLE ADSENSE or AMAZON if you have a blog for the purpose of affiliate marketing, too many programs involved are not welcome by google or Amazon. Easy to overlook one of those and risk your accounts.

To monetize your blog with Amazon and or Google Adsense you may keep on reading at this page first.

Affiliate Marketing – your blog is your funnel to succeed

Finally you have created your blog and you started to introduce your business as independent Marketer, starting to build you own list and getting more focused at your business and you want to stop building other peoples lists and instead building your own.

Show people what you are doing, who you are, what are your goals and how someone else could reach them while following your example.

That requires some sort of discipline at your end. If you use your blog only to put up a more or less randomly created bunch of articles about all and everything you ever have joined in the past and every page just looks like a banner and link tree, that's doomed to fail.

Readers don't want advertisements they want information's first hand experiences from you, like reviews or proof that something works and what you do that it does.

Sorry, but yes it requires text in your own words, one can not just copy and paste the existing ad templates. You can, but always add some of your thoughts to it.

To achieve some sort of structure think about such programs which every body needs to advertise his or her business. Be smart and choose those programs which offer the opportunity for monthly recurring income, spread some short time opportunities but you want to have a regular income, so focus at services which give you exactly that.

Introduce / sell what everybody needs!

Email marketing sources. If you are member at TAP introduce Tap and save you the time to gather proof of what works best.

Traffic exchanges. Introduce those TE's which work for you or even better introduce them to TDL where one can reach 7000 sources while being member there for only 10 bucks a month.

Text ad exchanges – there are plenty of it out there, choose the best which gives additional value for a monthly fee or even for free such like pop up creators, trackers and down-loadable tools. Leadsleap is the source for text ads, which I use and I am glad that decided to focus at only one Textadservice.

Banner exchanges – this are sources which rotate banners. Some are more efficient than others. Most likely those which do not offer click incentives and place those banners not just within the "traffic industry" but on peoples blogs as well like GTM banner network does work best. Read more.

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Since this article is one of my most important pieces i wrote so far , i decided to create a short ebook out of this content. You can download it here.

Also I have not protected it, so you can rebrand it if you like it.



Your Blog is your business office

If you haven't yet made up your mind which business is your main income source the so far introduced way to get started is quite the most successful way to get started as long you keep it informative and don't make it look like an advertising platform.

If you are new to something, admit it!

Like I do i am not an expert in virtual currencies, and yet i wrote something about it.

If you made up your mind and decided that for example AIOP is the best to build your BIZ, then start writing more content about it. And mention it as often you can without being annoying, just mention the great value to start with AIOP. A blog, autoresponder and useful tools for only 10 bucks a month instead 20 or 30 for just an autoresponder or even more.

Get your Blog seen and recognized

When all the above is sorted and your blog looks like you want it to look like, that's the time to start working with and get people to read about your business.

That's when your skills to create pages and autoresponder forms come into play and it is now getting more important to make your blog recognized as making changes to the content. Finally you have something to work with, so start showing it.

Here are some ways to get traffic to your blog.

Splash Pages – you can either create splash pages which introduce your blog directly like this one or whenever you create a splash to introduce a single program, you can add information about your blog too, so they can read what you wrote about the program which you introduce at that particular splash page. Here is my example. Members at Leadsleap have the advantage to create popup ads easily, which do not break frames, do not cover your important information's and yet being quite responsive. You see such pop up which I generated with Leadsleap at this example.

Squeeze pages - that are the ones where your autoresponder comes into play. Using those allows you to collect leads whenever you promote a program. I personally prefer my NON forced Method to have some sort of filter for such leads. Means I prefer to give people the choice to either signup for my autoresponder or visit the introduced program or service directly. My Squeeze pages look like this. Of course with a link to my blog and Skype group.

AIOP has some easy to use templates to create your own customized splash or squeeze pages. If you are member there, make use of them.

Now that you created those pages, make use of them in Traffic exchanges, Email services and use them for your posts in social platforms like Facebook. If you have a fanpage at Facebook or a Gplus page, get your blogs domain linked from there as well.

Wherever you have the chance to display your website URL in a profile or comment field, place your blogs domain. Those are valuabe backlinks.

To increase the value of your blog in search-engines, find people who like to exchange links with you. Those links are valuable for your blogs ranking.

The real value of your blog

Over time you will have more and more people who have subscribed to your blog, following you and your examples. You are constantly building your own list of prospects and you can keep them informed about important changes at your blog.

Also create your own SKYPE ROOM regarding to your blogs content, keep the community of yours alive, start making connections and build bridges between your followers interests and your owns. Build a community which helps each other just as we do in our AIOP team.

Don't worry about sales, they will come in along the journey. You can not force success you can only build it.

Your blog is the key to it, so treat it as it would be your "OFFLINE OFFICE" where people visit you to make contact and business with you.

As always if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me

SKYPE: klausbiesel