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Traffic exchanges + Quality Website Traffic

Traffic exchanges you might say do not work to receive quality website traffic. Well, one can not make this assumption in general, but you may have had your frustrating experiences made while using traffic exchanges with excessive high incentives to surf.

Your credits where just blown away and you could hardly catch up with surfing?

I know that and had tried those TE's myself until I started to change my surfing habits and started to run my own TE together with Grant Thomson. I am sure you have heard about it. If not read here, or simply google for " safe search engine traffic".

Incentives for members to surf your sites to make it worth to come back to a certain program and to stick with it, are totally ok. They are meant to have some fun but not to make cents while surfing. Traffic exchanges are no get rich scheme to make money while surfing. You can't earn anyway that much while clicking for cents. Though you can earn while promoting TE's which deliver quality website traffic as members intend to upgrade and you will receive commission.

I already wrote a bunch of articles about Traffic Exchanges and how to make use of them most importantly how to make use of them if you want quality website traffic to your own domain. This is very important. You find the links below this article!

A traffic exchange which is set up to succeed should have settings like this:

FEW or NON incentives for surfing. Free members should receive at least 1 view for 3 visits.

Upgraded members should receive at least 1 view for 1 visit.

Owners of a traffic exchange should be member of the anti cheating group of owners, who fight against bot surfers and other cheats.

Should have extended cheat protection in place.

Links to articles about Traffic Exchanges:

How to find good traffic exchanges!

How to use traffic exchanges!

How NOT to use Traffic exchanges!

Do not send artificial traffic to your own domain!

Here is what I do to succeed with Traffic Exchanges.

I do buy myself in, taking the best upgrade available at such TE's which are set up to deliver real visits from interested people not just form those who are trying to collect cents and rewards for surfing the highest number of pages each and every day. Those TE's by the way attract cheaters and bot surfers who of course give a damn about your ads.

I do upgrade, assign my monthly credits and due to the above settings, I may not receive thousands of useless views, but the less views I get are coming from people who are there for the same reason. Quality Website Traffic and that is why my credits do last from month to month and I only do some daily clicks to keep my accounts active and to see what others have to offer.

I am not wasting my time to hunt cents neither should you.

Now you would expect, that I am going to introduce my own Traffic Exchange first, but in fact, there is so much Information about it out there, that I will keep this article as short as possible and I like to introduce you to QUALITY WEBSITE TRAFFIC ( I wonder why that domain was still available).

It is owned and operated by GNANA Prakash a good friend of mine, who owns Instantviralmailer, a source which delivers signups and sales since years. Listed as TESTED and PROVEN source for a reason.

Now he follows to be one of the owners, who understands the concept of low but continuous traffic flow. The traffic delivered is driven by just enough incentives to keep the members active.

Gnana and I are the founders of the Anti cheat group of owners who are actively working together, to fight cheaters. This group of owners has built up a DATABASE of cheaters who got caught either for bot surfing or creating multiple accounts. Group members do have access and do ban those cheaters right away as soon they got caught by one of the group members.

Turned out to be very effective and just so you have an idea how much credits you are wasting at Traffic Exchanges or Mailers, the list of caught cheaters has reached almost 300 entries.

All this cheaters are banned at Traffic exchanges who's owners do care about quality website traffic and care about their honest members. Gnanas QWT is new. If you join, you will see 3 very special VIP offers, take one of them. Assign your credits and start receiving quality website traffic. Introduce it to others and receive commission, not just once but year for year or month by month. Your money is well invested and your credits won't be wasted.