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Quick start into your online business

This page is dedicated to those of you who are at point ZERO of your online making money carreer. You really want to start with the few steps explained below. They are required if you wnat to earn money at all and most important to get your earnings transferred into your bank account.

First of all you will need your business email address, having 2 is very much recommended.

One of them should be a GMAIL address to be used when you signup for email marketing programs and such where you can expect a lot of emails from. Use the FREE option only.GMAIL is mandatory in most affiliate programs.

Use your prime email address for example for payment processors and services which are very important to you.

Secondly you will of course need payment processors to receive or send money. One is not enough it really isn't. To create your online wallets in payment processors is FREE and quite easy, just follow their instructions and you gonna be set up quickly.

PAYZA is very much common and Solidtrustpay. Those two will do it for your start. Join them FREE and get your accounts verified as a PERSONAL account.

Nowadays one BITCOIN wallet is mandatory as well. And it is FREE as well to get started and one can use Bitcoin funds either to pay with or one can even fund a PAYZA account with those, so you don't have to worry how to turn this virtual currency into real cash.

To communicate with like minded people you also should consider to have a SKYPE account.

Bitcoins and more coins


What happens next?

After you have prepared yourself to get started, and made sure that you can send and receive money from your future business. You may come back to this BLOG.

Read ONLY, do not just sign up here or there, just find out which opportunities are given. Rome wasn't build in one day either, so please do not make rushed decisions.

You may hook up with likeminded people and get yourself a second or third opinion, and learn from the mistakes they have made to make your way into online business way more smooth.

Get your mind set up!

Online marketing is nothing but a job, just one where you are work from home. Nothin is easy, no income has ever fallen from the sky. It is always YOUR effort to make your business work.

One more thing!

If something sounds too good to be true, it simply isn't!

Which articles should you read first at this blog?

Your business is yours, and you are your own boss.

The different chapters, shown at the navigation menu to the left, contain different aproaches on how to build a BIZ and what kind of BIZ. Read and look for yourself, which type of marketer you are and which direction might interest you most! Take your time - read and learn.

A critical part of your business is that you introduce yourself to those who follow you. A facebook fanpage is a good start, but not good enough. So you may start reading the articles linked below.

If you create your own blog and prepare yourself to build up a list of clients and be able to contact them anytime you want, a small business solution offered by AIOP is an easy program to start with. For only 10 USD per month you have a complete business solution. And if you have followed the above link, you woul'd know that there is an entire team of like minded people envolved to help to get you started.

Have you set up your SKYPE already?

If yes, login to SKYPE and search for: klausbiesel

I will see your contact request and will get back to you asap.