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Recurring income is your goal?

Let me introduce you to programs which have turned out to be a great source to accomplish just that. Monthly payments to your payment processor account and giving you tools which work. Such which are not just built to create income streams all the way through, but as well worth to build a business with.

I have chosen to introduce those which are affordable, and helpful to build your BIZ.

For only 10 USD per month you will get all this!

Best of it, the company follows up your referrals and closes the sale!

10 bucks which will come back to you. You don't need to promote it, as the value you get is already a great deal, but if you do, you will be rewarded with recurring payments. Not just one time but over and over.

Well worth your time and efforts for promoting AOIP as your main biz. Best choice for all of you who haven't yet decided to create you own BIZ. Stop being just an affiliate, promoting AIOP means you build your BIZ and you can make use of all the tools included to make it grow even faster.

10 bucks a month and you are ready to roll.

Contact me and I walk you through.

SKYPE: klausbiesel

I have started my OWN AIOP TEAM, join and I put your link onto the teamsplashes. Let me help you to fill your BIZ. Visit the above link and read more about the team.

WHY to promote Allinoneprofits for my team?

AIOP comes with a unique rewarding system not seen anywhere else. When I promote on my behalf, I get paid 100 percent only for each 1,3,5,7 (odd) paid referrals. So will you.

When I help YOU to receive your 1st or 3rd... your upgrade is paid and you will keep your subscription.

Now when i keep promoting our team, i will get paid 100 percent for each 2,4,6,8.. (even) paid members of yours.

So no matter, we both win, while I promote for the team.

You could do just the same, if you are under me, i can provide you with your own teamsplash and could even host it for you, or you host it at your new HOSTING Package, which comes with your upgrade at AIOP.

Promoting a team of six members is efficient, and will boost every team members sales! WIN WIN for all of us. Here you can read moe about THE REAL TEAM play and how to build your own AIOP TEAM.

Wanna get paid month by month not just one time?

Leadsleap is paying month by month as well. A great source which I have introduced a while ago.

You may read my review.


If you are new, or you feel not yet ready to handle your own site and hosting package Leadsleap is the choice to start with. For your monthly payment you receive excellent advertising and you will be paid regular.

LL is constantly growing and the owners to everything to improve their service. Such as the latest implemented SOCIAL REVIEW feature.

If you want to stick out and finally get a business going which pays every month you may consider to join both.

Do cross promotions and stay focused. Persistence is the key to succeed!

Still ancious how that might work for you?

Leasedadspace is not exactly what should be introduced in this category, but if you rather prefer to start with 7 bucks only, Leased ADSPACE has the potential to get you payments all over as well.

You start with 7 bucks. See for yourself what one can accomplish within just 180 days.

Read my article

No matter if you like one of the introduced sources of recurring income or not, you may consider to not just join here and there. Once you made a choice, stick with it.

Persistence is the key to succeed.

Promote and build your BIZ with programs which provide recurring income and tools everyone can make good use of. Introduce Quality and Products from proven sources with proven sources.

As those which are delivering more results as the avarage and what is easier if you have proof of it?

AIOP is not the first program which I promote for a TEAM

When LAS launched I immediatly recognized the potential of it. I created a teamsplash and due to my promotions, so far more than 100 people got paid at least 7 USD, a lot of them already got paid 7 + 17 bucks.

Of course i haven't stopped promoting LAS yet, just because of AIOP, i keep pushing it like a lot of website owners do. LAS is already present in a lot of downline builders and that's why it lasts.

read more about LAS, and see which owners have LAS in their DLB.