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Recyclix - go green

I have decided to give it a real test not just using the free 20 Euro which I got while i signed up. I added 25 Euro to the account and have become an active member. The option to receive 20 EURO just for trying will be gone soon.

Now i have 45 Euro in their system.

Why did I decide to go on?

They making it not easy to start to fund your account, one can use Paypal for withdrawals only after one has purchased once via, bank wire, bitcoin or creditcard. Took me a while to find a card which is accepted , as the Philippines where i am living, have obviously issues to be accepted. But finally i got it done.

So if you want to give it a try, you may start with the free 20 Euro, which are still available according to their promotions and buy your first 100 waste packages. Or better, take the 20 free and add at least 20 more Euro.



To join under me, make sure that you see my

Master account ID CFE5-44E9-B6D2 as your referral or else the commission will end up in the companies account.

here you may read more why you may consider to join under me

To receive the free 20 Euro you need to update your profile first!

After you see the fund in your account go to "Members area" buy as much waste as possible with your funds.

Then go to your profile, scroll down and chose the autorenew option. This way your account grows and with it the earnings. Take a look at the screenshots on the right to see how my account grew so far.

Is recyclix a legit company?

Well, I didn't make my decision easy to put some more funds into it. When I found out that the company now opened an office in Germany in the City of Konstanz, i had a former school mate going there to take a look.

What she found was a fully operating office with friendly people offering assistance and a tour to visit the company in Poland. Still i kept my funds at a minnimum and at the end of the year we will find out if that was a good idea.

It looks like a real company, using crowd funding - read my disclaimer as well. Despite all the rumors and fraud warnings generated by online services I decided to give it a real try.

I came too the conclusion, that Recyclix is either the most advanced scam I have ever seen, or Recyclix is one of the best crowdfunding opportunities in the net.

Sometimes one has to close eyes and jump!

Last not least I followed someone who is totally into it and passioned about the companies goals.

Here is what my upline Jolanthe P. wrote about Recyclix.

click to enlarge the graphic.

NEW at Recyclix

Commission is not paid deeper than your direct level. No more referral links included. To insure that your referrals sign up under you and that you will get paid the commission for your effort referring them you have to tell them your account ID of Recyclix. So you better do private invites only instead of mass mailing.


Now we can watch where our invested money goes and observe the progress of the construction site for the new recycling factory in Poland.

You need to be logged in to your recyclix account. At the TOP of your members page you can see the links to the LIVE stream.

Here some details of my account at recyclix

To see the full size of the graphics, simply click on them!

My members page!

Above is the view 1 day after I purchased the additional 25 Euro and added 124 waste units to the system.

Above is the view 3 month after I purchased the additional 25 Euro and added 124 waste units to the system. 224 waste units have now increased to 411.

Now I earn 10 Euro each month!

My earnings page!

At the end of the year I will cash out 20 Euro, just to see how long it takes to get paid. After that I will add a few more bucks into the system.

Give it a try if you like. I have set the account to autorenew and gonna try my first cashout in December 2016.


So far my review ( first impressions) for now. Subscribe to this blog if you like to receive updated reviews.

or contact me via SKYPE: klausbiesel