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Revenue Share and Co.

There are plenty of those emerging this days, who promise a lot of income by doing nothing but advertising, some even claim to pay you for just and only your one time investment.

Well, we all know how that can end up. Right, with frustration and distrust in online ventures. I made my bad choices as you probably did as well.

But why do I make still use of them?

Here is the thing, I do not look at them as Moneymakers, I take them as for what they are. Additional advertising sources. The revenue they share, I mainly use to repurchase new adpacks. This way my advertising power continues to grow. It's more like an perpetual stream of advertising credits for me. Nothing more nothing less.

Also I Do not really invest much, mostly just the minimum what they are asking for. And yes, from time to time I cash out, not to get rich but to get at least my original investment back. All after that is just fun and advertising. This is how I use revenue sharing Traffic Exchanges or Revenue sharing PTC programs.

Some turn out to be very good some less. A few only really fill my PAYZA account and what comes in, I usually put right away into a new program appearing at the scene to give it a test and add more advertising power to my campaigns for the programs where I really want to make some cash with.

Please read the disclaimer as well!


Revenue sharing programs where I am in.

As I said, not with BIG amounts of cash, just enough to get started and trying to get the most out of them. If there are more information's available, you will see a link below the banners and as well in the navigation menu.

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This programs have been tested either by myself or my uplines.



PRAY4bucks stopped paying SCAM WARNING!

Tadsol does not pay read SCAM WARNING! Site is closing


Instantrevshare Stopped paying