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Does PIF work?

PIF means pay it forwards. Means you give someone a paid upgrade / matrix position under you. You get even your commission for it if your downline claims the code which you give him.

But does it work?

Technically yes, all programs which i have joined which allow PIF are online since years and they all have delivered signups and sales over the years since i use them.

Here is the "but".....

All these tempting matrix offers are what they are tempting, but in real life i haven't met anyone who ever was able to fill a matrix more than 2 levels deep, but probably had to spend so much effort, that the outcome is not even close to be worth all the time and advertsing credits.

Why do i use them?

All of them give me access to thousands of members. I send my 1 or 2 solos every month and as stated above over the years i got at least 2 sales out of my campaigns.

Under the bottom line, i have won the numbers game. Made probably 30 - 50 bucks ( sometimes more) out of my sales and had spend not more than 5 bucks to be upgraded.

I do not promote or spend any kind of credits for it, as it's simply a pain in the ass.

So when a program like PIF comes up , a freind invites me or I see it while reading mails, I just grab the lowest lifetime upgrade including one - two solos a month and that's it.

To make money with I clearly prefere the compensation plan of Leasedadspace, the owners are pretty well known and responsive.

You may want to read about LAS here at my blog!

as you see it works :)


Pifexplosion is fresh

pifexplosion is fresh

Pifexplosion is fresh and has already 6000 members, and is owned and operated by the same owners as in the programs mentioned below where I signed up years ago and still make use of them once or twice a month.

pif43 still works

PIF43 still works and has grown to more than 21000 members over the years.43 which sounds like for free is quite irritating as only the diamond upgrade is really an upgrade for life.

my oldest pif program

Homepagesolos is online since i have joined the online marketing scene. Invited by Marty who i follow a lot, it turned out to be a good idea as over the years i got what i wanted. Signup and a few sales. I still use it every month! Sometimes the server is overwhelmed and errors occur while sending my solos, but overall it did a good job for me. At this point I wouldn't really recommend to join it too many errors, very low maintenance done by the owners.

Don't get to excited about PIF programs

Making money with them by promoting is as I said painfull, and as hard i tried in the past i learned my lesson. To fill a 3x15 matrix simply sucks.

That's why i also do not buy codes to pay it forwards for my downlines, as they are probably even less able to build their matrix.

I send my monthly mails, that's it.

Important! <<<<<

Never use the solos to promote a NEW program. Your headline "go for it it is just launching" could be history already when your solo leave the server due to the long queue of mail.

Use those solos for your long time business like AIOP or LAS.