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Does Adspaypro work?

THERE is no more value or whatsoever to join, or continue the venture with APP. If i wanted to cash out my 300 remeining dollars i would have to click more than 10 years each day 10 sites, so APP is DONE

Here is my review of AdsPayPro

The system is perfectly working. ADS are constantly being spread all over the network. As you can see, I alread got even a sale while promoting one of my programs.

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I prefer to promote sources for advertising which work. You can get real PROOF for free at TestedandProven.

There we publish which safelist do work better than just average. Take advantage of it. There will be no charge at all. The real proof is like a review but with hard evidence not just some nicely arranged statistics.

Read the disclaimer


Any doubts about APP?

The company now starts to struggle to grow, having less sales means less revenue to be shared. Good thing is at APP you have this kind of information right in front of your dashboard as the real stats are live and reflect the reality.

NOTE: The stats show that it is clearly not worth to join anymore. I would have to click 2500 days now to get 300 bucks out of it. I would earn 12 cents per day or something that low, so i dont bother even clicking 10 times anymore.

The owner fail to update. The last update is still shown from February 2016. Kinda odd as i would say.

The risk to loose cash online is always emminent. I have seen a lot programs vanishing with in short time periods after they emerged. Always read the disclaimer as well.

The dayly earnings keep on dropping, though i still got paid, it's hardly worth the time to surf 10 pages a day.

I keep you posted as soon things change.