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read this first


Too good to be true?

Revsharing does not work, IRS stopped paying already! Would have been too good to be true

And again, I could not resist to give it a try. Even though my upline Merry and I have been disappointed by APP and a lot more Revshares, I decided to give it a try for the sake of exposure of my ads.

I bought 5 adpacks and I am now testing the outcome.

Here is what they say about themselves!


The InstantRev Share Instant Pay System!!! The word Instant in our system represents the following WHICH IS EXTREMELY DIFFERENT FROM ANY OTHER REVSHARE SYSTEM. Our Admin Team programmed this into our system because other admins use software that ties up your money in something otherwise known as breakage and it is truly unfair to you the member! IN ALL OTHER REVSHARE SYSTEMS. They need to trigger the algorithms (algorithms a process or set of mathematical rules to be followed in software calculations that disperse funds on a specific time table) called a cron job is set in the database and usually done hourly, daily, weekly, etc. Hence, hourly revshare, 24 hour revshare, daily revshare, etc... Our InstantRevShare Software has been custom coded to do the following... Instant disbursement of profits. As soon as a new advertising sale is placed those profits are dispersed to members that have shares immediately in real time, that instant with no waiting. Hence, the name Instant RevShare.

AS GOOD AS THAT IS, IT WAS NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR OUR MEMBERS!!! In all other RevShare systems you can only gain access to your earnings after your shares have matured or fully earned at there highest limit.

At Instant RevShare EVERY PENNY EARNED IS IMMEDIATELY ACCESSIBLE TO YOU the member as it is earning or accruing.

If your share available to you INSTANTLY to either purchase more advertising or withdraw it if you so choose.

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Join today at your own risk. See if it works for you.

Want to have it less risky? Read about VAP. A revshare which is established owned by Mark Dosier, earns way slower but steady.

IRS becomes Extremeadvertisingnetwork (EAN)

Focus at Advertising, EAN will reflect exactly this, with the full launch under the new name i will continue to report latest developements at this page about EAN.


Members complete data will be transferred so nothing is going to be lost at LAUNCH!


Payment proof and more Information

IRS is now in soft launch, so far I only can say that the support crew is awesome, answering tickets in no time.

Instantreshare paid - here is my proof!

Started January 16, I put 50 bucks in!

So far 256.65 bucks out :)

I did not join to make a fortune. 50 bucks or even just 10 to give it a try is something what I can afford for testing a new program.

One can get started with just 1 adpack.

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Revsharing programs are risky, a lot die within the first year after launch. Make use of them to place some ads, check if they are worth the results, and cash out while you can. If one is not in within the first or second month, the risk of loss is getting higher. Lets see if IRS can make an exception.

Wanna test the waters? Join here!

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Join TAP, there is proof of what works better than average. TAP is FREE!


Viraladpays, already stood the test of time and still pays and still delivers results, not yet in there?

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Profit share the safe way!

The owners are well known, running several sites since years, they just can't afford to let you down. Even FREE members get their share out of the profit pool.

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