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How can I write a review about though I just joined? ( May 17 2016) I tell you something, you may have found this page because you were looking for a review about to find out if they pay as promised, if they are legit or not. Well to make that clear NON of the revenue sharing programs are meant to be investment programs.

They are a different kind of website traffic producing advertising platforms, where you buy adpacks and as long the company keeps on selling adpacks they give you a cash reward in return. That simple. No sales no return!

What made me join and purchase at

I was introduced by Merry M. She is my upline in several programs, as she has a lot connections and knows a lot about revenue sharing programs. Of course, sometime even she fails to identify the scammers but I still stick to her and trust her judgment. In this case even more as I do trust my gutts and have a good feeling about it. Why is that so?

I met the owner Terrence Brannon online at Skype first before I decided to finally signup and took a look inside. Then I joined the Skype group and noticed that know owners have joined already. Such like the owner of Adsactly who runs and operates his own sites since years.

While examine all pages I found out that all data about the company sales are public. Unlike in other revenue share programs who do all their best to hide vital informations, has them all at one page.

They are even not to shy to show the admins earnings. Beside that you see the daily earnings, earnings of the week, last month and the earning of the recent year. You see the TOP ten account balances and the top ten most recent payouts. That is exceptional, a company which displays the entire business data right in-front at my dashboards homepage.

One can also see that members are not spending a fortune, just enough to receive the advertising which they need or want. Not those who hope for getting rich by doing nothing. ( which is always too good to be true anyway). After signing up, I funded my account with 20 USD and purchased 20 Adpacks. Not more as I figured this company is slowly growing and 2000 credits for the start to test the functionality first will be enough.

The different adpackage plans and the limitation to be able to buy the highest package with the highest amount of percentage of revenue shares, are there to protect the membership from "gamblers" who may be only interested in the revenue shares, but not really interested to take a look at the members offers.


Here is what you get for 1 USD only! To participate and be enabled to receive cash rewards ( revenue share) you do not have to surf or click!

* 100 banner ads

* 100 text ads

* 10 login ads

That was the initial spark to spend 20 bucks, as I will receive 200 credits for a full page login spot. At a site which is slowly but continuous growing bringing in new members every day.

To make them last I set the maximum views per day to 50, makes it 40 days that people will see that page first before they can go on doing anything in there account.

There is no better spot for my ads as right in-front of those who just login

As long the company keeps growing, the revenue shares which will be paid to my account are going to be used to keep up a steady stream of advertising. Due to the AUTO-REPURCHASE function I won't miss new advertising credits. How cool is that!

Now you may think if nobody has to surf or click the banners and text ads won't be seen or even more worse no one clicks on them? Well so far that's not the case.

Even though nobody has to click, I still get more than 1 percent views from my assigned credits! This is proof for me enough that a good written TEXT AD, and a nice customized banner gets the attention of interested people. That is all I am asking for from a program like

So far my review for now. Subscribe to this blog if you like to receive updated reviews.