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Viraladpays (VAP) PTC + Revenue Share


The owner lost his PP account at all his other programs, that could be a reason why he is in trouble. I got finally paid and so were my downlines, but here is the answer of Mark which is sad, but truthfully.

VAP is owned by Mark Dosier. A well know Owner and Admin in the viral mailer industry. Someone who knows the business and who paid thousands of Dollars commission to his members.

One reason, that I decided to join and use viraladpays and write a short review about it.

How does viraladpays work?

VAP works similar to other PTC programs which share revenue to members. You join, you fund your account and you buy adpacks. Those give you positions to be assigned to your marketing campaigns and they come together with the ability to participate at the revenue share.

One can start with 1 USD only to receive 25 guaranteed website visits.

And here it starts to be different from other revenue sharing PTC programs. To be able to get a bigger piece of the revenue, one can only chose the next higher advertising package plan if one owns already a certain numbers of the lower packages. How does that make sense?

Easy, VAP is mainly created to get you quality exposure from advertising.

The different adpackage plans and the limitation to be able to buy the highest package with the highest amount of percentage of revenue shares, are there to protect the membership from "gamblers" who may be only interested in the revenue shares, but not really interested to take a look at the members offers.

My review of Viraladpays

Am I confident that I get paid from Viraladpays? Oh yes I am. Mark the owner has so much more to lose as only his reputation. He would be complete out of business within a short period of time if he wouldn't pay what he promises. He owns the most effective SOLO advertising site. Blastmyads, and offers a wide range of services. There is no way that he would risk all that don't you think too?

One reason, that this review about Viraladpays can be hold as short as it is. I trust the owner as much, as I do trust the owners or PTC REWARD net.

The settings are set for sustainability and the additional advertising opportunities offered on page connect you to Marks advertising network.

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TAKE some days off from clicking at VAP

Here is what i found out:

Though when you start clicking your 10 required pages per day, it says 10 are allowed only, you simply can go on. Refresh the surf page, click another 10, refresh and do it all over again. BUT DO NOT leave the surf page.

As you can see in the screenshot above, i clicked 30 pages and need to surf again after 3 days. Gives me some time off from clicking!

Your first steps with Viraladspays

After you have joined at VAP, fund your account. Use PAYZA, STP or one of the other processors. Start with 20 USD only, just to get familiar with the script and the system behind it. Done?

After that go to FINANCE in your Navigation menu and click on buy positions, as of now you can buy only those POSITIONS inside the 110 Plan. Buy 20 use the balance from your payment processor on site. Done?

Then go to ADVERTISE at your navigation menu at Viraladpays (VAP) There you see them in your shopping basket. Click on GET them and create your first campaign. Make sure you login every day, surf the required numbers of PTC ads and your revenue sharing advertising packs keep being active.

How to cash out at Viraladpays

Make sure you have filled the ID's of your payment processors into your profile, set up all the security questions and then simply go to FINANCE and click on request withdrawal.

Fill in the amount to be withdrawn, the payment processors balance to withdraw from, agree to the terms and click send. That's it. Give it few days (depends on processor) until your cash arrives in your processors account.


To STP it took only 24 hours. Sorry for the red covers, but some how those parts are private :)

Want to earn more with Viraladspays?

Yes you can earn more. Invite others, earn up to 25% commission on their purchases. Use the commission to increase the volume of your advertising Positions and step up to the next level from 10 % revenue share up to 40%.

Or cash out and reward yourself for your efforts.

You find stunning splash pages and landing pages beside banners in your Affiliate toolbox at VAP. Use them for your promotions.

Where to promote Viraladpays?

All sources introduced at this blog have proven to me that they deliver decent results, make use of them. Focus your efforts, read make love not ads and built your down-lines at Viraladpays.

VAP is built to last, your down-line will be as happy as you.

I you experience a problem to sign up, it can be that the HTTPS << causes a problem sometime the S causes a problem. Simply remove it and try again

The site is up and running and I get paid!