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Reward PTC is different!

TAKE NOTE! Ownership has changed. As soon the new owner made changes, I will update this PAGE or may have to decide to take it completely down, in case I don't agree with the changes.

Create a steady stream of high quality advertising and get rewarded.

Reward PTC is part of the GT Marketing Group, where quality comes first and unique idea's are set into functional, rewarding programs. Such like unique Safelists, Traffic Exchanges and Banner networks, which actually work.

But now lets talk about Reward PTC

So what makes reward PTC different?

First of all it is set up to last forever. There will be no open depts as only real PAID Advertisements will be available not like in other PTC, where the owner drops a lot paid ads, and the site can not sustain and survive.

Free members can view ads for points and can get paid for viewing the non premium ads that have been paid for by advertisers

There is no way, that reward ptc will be gone. Your advertising will last, and while you promote reward ptc you will built up a steady stream of income, as the most affordable upgrades will bring you sales and commission.

Month by Month or Year by Year.

Advertising at fairly priced costs. You will purchase, your downline will do the same.

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Logon beach at Malapascua Island in the Philippines

Reward PTC part 2!

Here is what you get at Reward PTC:

Effortless Income, Earn from Home Earn up To $0.01 Per Click Guaranteed Ads, Daily Dedicated Support Team, Fast Payment.

Cheap & Affordable Advertising Packages ,24 Hours Unique Hits Detailed Statistics of Your Ads, Strong Anti-Cheat Protection, Geographical Targeting.

Reward PTC becomes even more rewarding when you promote it. Monthly or yearly commission payed to you, again and again, as the system is built to last.

Reward PTC is NEW

Reward PTC is still a small but continously growing community with professional members. Well worth the time to introduce it to your friends and worth to promote it right away along your other successful programs.

One way to do it, is promoting it as stand alone program, or even better, you join the GT Marketing Group as Reward PTC is part of it and you can add you favorite PTC programs into the customizable downline builder.

This way you promote all your favorite PTC programs wihout the need to create your own website to introduce them. Along with your upgraded membership at the GT Marketing Group you will get a great banner exposure as well. Square banners exposed at prime spots, not hidden somewhere at the bottom. Directly in front of peoples eyes.

If you have any further questions,

meet me at skype: klausbiesel