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Why timing is important for your marketing campaigns?


Since the world wide web is open 24/7 you might think that timing doesn't matter at all, but that's quite not true, especially if it comes to email marketing in the category of money making online. Those like you and I focused at email marketing have not just one source of recruiting new sign ups for their desired programs.

In fact most are subscribed in tons of traffic exchanges, safe-lists or credit based mailers. How many mails are in your in-box when you wake up? I receive more than 8k emails just into my prime email account for safe-lists and mailers.

When is the right time to send emails?

To answer the question above you may observe your own doing. For sure you won't read all the mails which have been delivered to your inbox when you wake up do you?

Most likely you start reading when you are ready with your daily tasks and while your inbox is opened and you see the new mails coming in. At least that is how the most people handle reading mails while being online.

The right time to send mails is the time when the main markets are busy. Sending mails while USA is sleeping is not really a promising time. As less ressources you have as more important is scheduling as you don't want to waste valuable credits. If you want to reach people in different timezones, just make sure they are not sleeping.

Maryanne Meyers, know about it, thats why even if you have set your mails on autopilot every day, they will be send at different times every day. One reason why Bestlistmailer works. BLM is listed as tested and proven source.

Here is an old article which I wrote 2 years ago about scheduling mails, you may jump over and read more how I do it!

Scheduled mailing

Increase your chances to be noticed.

A lot mailers do allow you to schedule your mails. Make use of that feature to increase the chances that on the other end of the world someone is online and you reach the inboxes while they are opened.

Programs like Referralfrenzy do allow mailing to a lot of mailers. Usually people who have joined a big number of safelists and trafficexchanges also making use of Referralfrenzy, as it saves a lot of time.

But unfortunatly some people simply sent those mails at once to all the listed members, means the same message goes out to thousands of members in different mailers. But hey you and I know that sometimes th same members will be online at the same time and they are as well subscribed in those mailers listed at Referralfrenzy.

Be smarter than that, use the scheduling feature. Here is how i do it.

I log into Referralfrenzy, choose mailing, then I check or uncheck those I want mails to be send and chose the time. Then i press send.

I open the list of mailers again, this time i chose different sources and send a bunch of mails out at different times.

This way my mails will be spread out to a lot of people but at different times.

Some mailers do no really allow scheduling, even as upgraded member you do not have that opportunity, those you should use at times when the chances are high that your mails get noticed.

One mailer I never upgraded, but I do make use of it every day. Millionleadsforfree allows me to send at least 5k messages every day and they don't reach inboxes, they will be read only by people online inside the inbox of ML4free.

Here I send mails at totally different times every day, to make sure that different people will be online.

Members at TAP will know a lot more about Millionleadsforfree as Penny and I have written some tips and tricks how to get the most out of it.