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Solo Mails deliver results

Regardless what membership level you are on. Not sure yet if you want to upgrade this mailer to receive the most credits for your credit mails per month? Well, then buy a solo ad, and sent it to the entire membership. Test the waters if you are not yet sure if the new mailer which you have joined is not listed yet as TestedandProven source!

Solo email networks

Here is something special. Solo email networks allow you to reach the entire membership at each program which participates on that network. YOU do not even need to be a member at those.

Yes you got the picture, that saves a bunch of cash. Your money is well spent. As there are more networks where you can solo emails to their memberships, I'd like you to introduce you to those, which have proven to me to deliver best results.


Marty owns, not just one successful email-service, during the years she built a network of highly responsive sites, which are TESTEDandPROVEN and has started to bring them all together in one great solo advertising network. On top of it, Marty guarantees unique IP views to your solo email campaign. The TOP upgrade which comes with a LIFETIME offer, gives you this:

500 guaranteed different unique IP views for each SOLO you send + 200 guaranteed views for each credit mail you send.

Now lets do some math:

8 solos per month = 96 SOLOS per year = 48000 GUARANTEED unique views.

8 credit mails per month = 96 per year = 19200 GUARANTEED unique views.

That makes it 67200 Guaranteed views per year! You will get a lot more at Guaranteedsolomails!

Also, one can exchange credits instead of buying a login page. 1000 guaranteed views for each you set up. How strong Marty's network acts, can be seen at TAP, where real proof is shown, not just some statistics.

Blastmyads (BMA) Solo Email Network

Your solos go out to 63 Sites with 118054 Members! With your yearly upgrade you receive 10 solo ads every month. I do reach between 600 and 900 viewers for each mail I send. Imagine you would have to purchase 63 upgrades at all those sites which are part of the Blastmyads network. Yes that's a huge amount of money, and when you are just at the start with your online career, then solo emails are the best start for your email marketing campaigns.

If you do not have 300 or 200 bucks right now to start with Solo ADS, you may want to start with a one time payment of 7 USD to have 1 SOLO each month for life. Leaseadspace is a new fresh list. A decision that can not be wrong.

Want to know more about SOLOS?

Skype me: klausbiesel

Make LOVE not ADS

Wow, I wished I could claim that I have came up with that headline, but truth must be told, I have noticed that headline while watching a video at YouTube.

Still the 4 words describe best, what email marketing is about.

When you send mails to people who you don't know as they are just members like you and I in different email-services you want them to get your attention.

Means you want them to open that mail. Therefor you do not want to scare them away with a headline which signals negative tensions.

Instead use headlines which trigger positive emotions and realistic expectations.

Further down the way, when you write the content, repeat that positive headline close to the ending sequence of your mail content.

The following link is for a free tool which analyses your subject line for emotional value.

Next time you mail, try it out to see if your headlines are hitting the emotional mark that can make all the difference to your results.

Your content should describe in short sentences the highlights of the product and for more importantly your personal experience while using the program, which you introduce.

If you have proof that it works or that it pays what is promised include that into the content or even better lead them to your own splash-page where the proof is shown. If you have a blog give them the alternative to visit it with a link which you provide at your splash-page as well.

Proof like this, that the blastmyadnetwork works.

Or testimonials from other people to show that the program which you promote works!

Like this one, where people talk about TAP!

You can make use of this blog while reading not just this page, you will find so much more tips and tricks to improve your marketing campaigns.

You also may consider to join TESTED and PROVEN, where Penny Cannon and I have published few more secrets and HOW TO DOES, to help you to get the results you deserve.